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Thursday, January 2, 2014

What problems to look for when purchasing a car

By Lindsey Patterson

Purchasing a car can be an exciting and tension-filled moment. There are various hurdles to cross for most consumers such as financing, trade-ins, budgeting concerns, and insurance questions. At the same exact time, car salesmen are attempting to sell a vehicle as close to the listed price as possible.

It is important for a car buyer to be aware of several factors before agreeing to a purchase a new or used car. There are 5 bad things to look for when buying a car. In order to be confident that the car a consumer is buying does not have any of the same 5 problems, research into which car issues could potentially leave a new buyer at the mercy of a problematic vehicle is necessary.

The 5 potential problems to be aware of when buying a car include the following:

Vehicle purchase tips
Established dealerships have more credibility
Problem 1: Unscrupulous Dealerships

Auto dealerships that have been in business for a short time could be indicative of future problems with a consumer’s car purchase. While every business, including car dealerships start out somewhere, it is always a better idea to shop for a car at a reputable dealership that has been established in the community for longer than three years.

Problem 2: No bargaining skills

Consumers often walk into a car dealership with the notion that they will be able to point out the car of their choice, name a price, get financed, and drive away with a new car. While this is the dream of most car buyers, it rarely happens this way. Most car buyers have not bargaining skills to work with and tend to get stuck with an overpriced car that is not worth the money.

Problem 3: Not demanding a vehicle inspection

Vehicle purchase tips
Used vehicles aren't necessarily road safe
In the event that a consumer finds their car of choice, a full vehicle inspection should be done in order to make certain everything is working optimally inside and outside of the vehicle.

Unfortunately, many or most novice car buyers do not ask for an inspection and falsely assume that the car must be in great shape because dealerships wouldn't sell a vehicle that was a potential lemon. A word of caution; even new cars should be inspected before purchasing.


Problem 4: Turning down a test drive

Before signing any purchase agreement for a new car, take advantage of the test drive. It is important to see a firsthand acount on how the vehicle handles on the road, especially on the highway. The test drive also gives the consumer the opportunity to test the “bells and whistles" of the vehicle including the radio, seat adjustments, heating/cooling, and ride comfort.


Problem 5: Not taking advantage of CTP insurance

This insurance is also known as Compulsory Third Party Insurance, which all new car owners should look into when buying a new car. This type of policy covers personal neglect or fatal injuries that may occur while driving on the road. It offers excellent protection in the case of accidents and unintended harm from a vehicle accident.

About the authorLindsey Patterson is a freelance writer who specializes in technology and the latest social trends, specifically involving social media.

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