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Thursday, February 13, 2014

5 renovations that won't add value for your house

By Stephanie Muller 

If you are looking to sell your home in the near future you might be tempted to do some quick simple renovation around the house. It is a good way of increasing the value for your home and can help make the house look newer. But as well as there being plenty of good renovations to undertake, there are also some that aren’t so useful. Here are five renovations that won’t really be worth the costs.

1. Adding a backyard pool

Many people do find the idea of a backyard pool really lovely but it won’t really end up giving any more value for your house. The whole process is very costly to undertake and people can also get scared of the huge costs involved in keeping the pool in good condition.

Instead it is a good idea to spend some time making sure your garden is well kept. Plant a few lovely trees or plants around the garden and highlight the space of the garden for added value.

2. Laying down a carpet

Although many rooms still have fitted carpets the trend is moving away from them. According to this Property investment project article people are looking for wooden or laminate flooring much more than they are looking for carpets.

 Some property buyers seek opportunities to customize homes themselves
Some renovations cost more than the value they add
Naturally, if you already have a carpet and it is in good condition there is no point in changing it, as it won’t really drop down the value of your home. If your carpets aren’t in a good order then you might want to consider changing them or going with a wooden flooring to increase the house value.

3. Convert a bedroom

If you are looking to sell your home, then there is no point in converting the bedrooms in to anything else. A generic buyer is usually looking for more bedrooms and they can then convert the room themselves for what ever it is that they want it to be. But it isn’t worth your money to convert a bedroom in to an office or a playroom.

If you have a room converted like this and you are looking to sell your home, it might be a good idea to tell them that it can be used as a bedroom. This might make the buyers more interested.

4. Install non-energy saving products

It is also really important that you don’t do any renovation around the house that isn’t focused on energy efficiency. Green products are really important and will help you increase house price.

For instance, don’t renovate your roof with asphalt shingles as this is a really bad roofing material. Instead look for good green options. You can find more information about green roofs such as ETFE roofs at the Vector Foiltec website, for instance.

5. Convert a garage

A garage space is a really valuable thing to have. A lot of people now are unfortunately turning their garages into elaborate playrooms or gyms. But if you are only looking to increase the value of your house for selling this isn’t a good renovation project to undertake. Keep your garage as it is so that people are still able to use it for its original purpose.

About the author: Stephanie Muller is passionate about the property market and she is always looking for ways to help homeowners make more money with their property. She is also passionate about decorating and loves to read more about architecture.

Image license: Alan L, CC BY 2.0