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Saturday, February 1, 2014

How to make DIY furniture

By John Paul

Buying furniture is overrated. The age of the hipster has made DIY jobs almost as cool as Michael Jackson’s moonwalk. Also, purchasing brand-new fixtures for your apartment will cost you an arm, a leg, two toes and an ear. Basically, it’s cheaper and cooler to do it yourself.

Do-it-yourself furniture is fun to make
DIY furniture save money and is custom made
If you’re new to DIY, you can still create amazing pieces of furniture. Follow these tips –you might just have a hip apartment in no time. 

Awesome couches

You don’t need expensive wood to make high-quality furniture. Purchase pallets from your local hardware store. Stack one on top of the other and place them against the wall. If you want to make your DIY lounger more stable, use nails, screws or cable-ties to secure the different pieces together.

To create the cushions, find stuffing that has a good density. Measure the length and width of the pallet, as this will allow you to cut the padding into singular blocks. Thereafter, use cotton or linen fabric and upholster the cushion.

Add scatter pillows for a splash of colour or a contrasting pattern – they look good and make excellent back rests.

The coffee table

Tables can be quite pricey, especially when going after something unique and chic. For this project you’ll need two or more empty beer kegs. Wooden ones are hard to find, so go for conventional steel casks. For the table top, purchase a piece of glass and cut it to match the circumference of the barrel. If you’re keen on DIY, get hold of a brass cutter – it’ll definitely come in handy.

The floating bucket

Floating bookshelves are basically books mounted against a wall on a stand that can’t be seen. This gives the illusion that they‘re suspended in mid air.
For this project you’ll need wall brackets, a power drill, some screws and an even number of small clamps.
  1.   Use the power drill and screws to attach the bracket to the wall.
  2. Insert the flat part that juts out into the largest hardcover novel, like a bookmark, keeping the bottom cover below the bracket and the bulk of pages on top.
  3. Now secure the book’s front and back covers together with clamps.
  4. Finally, pile smaller books on top.  
Viola. Now you have floating bookshelves. 

The light bulb lamp

Just because your light bulb no longer serves its original purpose doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. You can use it to create an oil lamp.

  1.  First, disassemble the light bulb by removing the coil.
  2.  Glue the bulb to a flat surface of your choice.
  3.  Get a bottle cap or use the existing metal cap, drill a hole through it and insert a shoe lace.
  4.  Fasten the cap onto the light bulb.
  5.  Fill the bulb up with paraffin and close it with the cap.

And – presto – you have a lovely lamp. 

DIY furniture will give your home a unique appearance and save you money. Handyman projects are also good ways to spend your weekends. So when you decide to give your home a personal feel, get those tools out and start creating marvellous, functional works of art. 

About the author: John Paul is an interior designer and part time blogger. He likes taking old spaces and recreating them into new living spaces. He especially likes redecorating bathrooms with modern fixtures.

Image license: Mark Larson, CC BY-SA 2.0