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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The benefits of becoming an electrician

Advantages of becoming an electrician
Electrical work is a well paying and in demand profession
Despite our dependence on electricity, we don’t think of electricians as an essential part of our daily lives. The truth of the matter is, if all electricians in the world suddenly decided to stop working, we would find our society quickly falling into a dark age, quite literally. Luckily a worldwide electrical worker strike isn’t very likely due to the many benefits that come from being an electrician.

Limited education

College simply isn’t for everyone.  Many individuals learn better with hands-on experience, or in a field where there is more practical application and less studying and testing.  If you choose to become an electrician, you can often start working immediately, rather than being forced to wait until you have completed your four years of schooling.  To become an electrician, you will be put through the process of becoming an apprentice, where you receive on the job training in your field.  Trade schools will cover basic electricity for the non-electrician to coursework on the Arc Flash Safety NFPA 70E standard.  Proper training is essential for your safety as well as those around you.  Concentrated training and certification programs allow you to earn money as you are gaining the knowledge and experience necessary for your future career.

Conditions for working

Many electricians are able to choose their own schedules.  You may choose to be self-employed and only take the jobs you would like to take.  When you work as an electrician, you are also not stuck behind a desk all day, but are able to work out in the field and move around throughout the day.  For those who prefer hands-on work and need variety, this is a perfect career.


The salary is a big benefit to becoming an electrician according to the Occupational Employment Statistics.  When compared to many other professions, most electricians earn solid and stable wages, without the need for a four-year degree or lengthy schooling experience.  When you work as an electrician, you may also have the opportunity to earn overtime hours, where you are paid time and a half for your work.  On average, most electricians make about $25 an hour, making this career a great choice for someone who wants a good salary without enduring four years of traditional school.

Job security

There is rarely a shortage of jobs for electricians.  When you choose this field, you will find that you always have options for where to work, especially if you are good at your job and receive additional training, such as electrical maintenance training.  Although you may have chosen this career to avoid school, any seminars or trainings you can attend make you more of a commodity in your field, and put you above any other applicants for jobs you would like to have.  With more information and training, you are better able to apply your skills to different types of jobs with different levels of difficulty.

Becoming an electrician

Any motivated individual who desires a good wage with job security and great working conditions, but doesn’t want to invest a lot of time and money in school should consider becoming an electrician.  This career path offers a stability that is rare in the current economic times, with a high amount of open jobs for those who are just entering the field.

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