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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The up-sides of Obamacare

Benefits of Obamacare
Individuals with pre-existing health conditions benefit from Obamacare
In the mainstream media the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a. "Obamacare") has recently received a lot of criticism. Granted, many of the complaints are genuine; the Healthcare.gov website had some issues, and the whole program was not able to start as soon as many of the people in charge had hoped. However, many experts believe that there are a variety of different aspects of the Affordable Care Act that the media has failed to mention. Everything from helping minorities to providing health care for people who already have reoccurring illnesses. Here are some of the many benefits of the Affordable Care Act.

Hispanics and minorities

When we take a look at states such as Texas, we notice something alarming when it comes to health care. It used to be the majority of Latino people did not have any health care. This is because over 70 percent of them worked labor intensive jobs, such as construction, mechanics, and landscaping. The majority of these labor intensive jobs do not provide any health care at all, which has left many Hispanics struggling with illness unsure as to what they could do.

The Affordable Care Act will give workers who do not have access to health care a way to still gain health care. This means that these minorities who are struggling with getting proper medical attention will be able to do so.

Allowing Medicare more options

A huge benefit that is not talked about too much is the benefit to those who are under Medicare. According to the laws before the Affordable Care Act policy, people with Medicare could only choose from state approved hospitals. This meant that the hospitals with the best contracts with the state were the ones chosen. This of course did not always work out for the individuals who had Medicare, as they all had different needs.

Under the Affordable Care Act this will no longer be an issue. Now the Medicare receivers will be able to choose between many different plans. The government will now have many different health care providers that they will be able to offer to those who are on Medicare. This will then allow receivers of Medicare the opportunity to choose the plan that is best for them.

Predisposed illness

It used to be impossible for somebody who had cancer to get a new health insurance policy. Health Care providers refused to let people into their programs who they knew were already ill. This meant that if you already had heart issues, or cancer issues, there would be no help for you’re from health care providers. This has been a source of controversy for many people. It has seemed that the people who would benefit most from Health Care are the ones who were unable to obtain it.

This is no longer allowed with the Affordable Care Act. It no longer matters if you have a predisposed illness such as cancer or heart conditions, all people are given the opportunity to sign on for health care, and to get the coverage they require.

So despite the criticisms and the media blowing the negative components out of proportion, there are several up-sides to the new law.  It will take the health care industry time to adjust to the new rules but in time we should all be living in a healthier, more stable nation.