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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Three ways to improve your business with VoIP technology

Business competition is facilitated by VoIP technology
VoIP helps businesses increase profit margin
By John Bowie

If you have a business with traditional phone systems, you might want to transfer to a VoIP technology system instead.

In case you are unsure of what a VoIP system is, here is a brief rundown: It is a technology which ensures telephone calls can be made from your computer networks through the internet. They support real-time and two-way transmissions of Internet Protocol.

So, why would you want to convert to a VoIP technology rather than use your traditional phone system to overall benefit your business and its efficiency? Here is a bit of helpful information which can help you to determine for yourself.
  1. VoIP offers a significant cost savings when compared to the conventional phone system, especially when it comes to phone calls that are long distance. It can help you save a considerable amount due to the following reasons:
      2. Portability usage

Your company can benefit from VoIP solutions because phone portability is an outstanding feature of this remarkable technology. When compared to traditional or legacy phone lines, there is a limit of transportability. With VoIP, you can:
  • Provides number mobility.
  • Allow the phone to contain the same number nearly everywhere, so long as it has appropriate IP connectivity.
  • Businesspeople can bring their IP phones anywhere, especially during traveling, which is quite convenient for those extraordinarily important calls.
      3. Superior media services

A legendary or traditional phone service provides only two different features: voicemails and faxes. During this time and age, communications are evolving in ways we may have never predicted; but with VoIP technology, you can perform a plethora of exciting media tasks, such as:
  • Acquire the capability to send instant messages to fellow coworkers.
  • You can make voice or video calls when necessary.
  • VoIP technology allows the incredible option of transferring images when needed.
  • Providing a multitude of media options for users to enhance and create new markets (especially in the field of communications).
  • VoIP allows mobile usage for employees, which can increase communications and overall business information.
Traditional phone systems are more expensive than hosted VoIP phone technologies. You will save significant sums of cash, which is always a bonus for businesses. Your company will have unlimited access to nationwide calls—whether or not it is inbound or outbound—and has no setup fees whatsoever. VoIP technology does not require a contract whereas traditional phone systems do. If improving your business with a new technology, it’s a wise decision to consider VoIP technology.

About the author: John Bowie is an expert in the VoIP field, working in an office in San Diego. In his spare time, he enjoys writing about technology and VoIP systems to inform others. He graduated from USC in 2002.

* Image license: Duchesssa, RGBStock royalty free

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  1. It was a nice article. VoIP or IP telephony has revolutionized the entire way businesses communicate. VoIP has allowed us to communicate with our colleagues sitting in a different country at very economic charges. Besides this, addition of highly advanced features has made communications more sophisticated.