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Monday, February 24, 2014

Use a marketing automation system to boost sales

Online marketing techniques
Online marketing solutions encourage customer conversions and brand awareness
When businesses and consumers seek products, it is expected that many will turn to the web to shop or find detailed information to help them make informed purchasing decisions. Whether the need is for a service like consulting or business equipment, there will likely be several website visits to compare products or services and their prices. A company that sells what customers need must be aware of the best marketing strategies to guide a customer from being a browser to a buyer. This is where a marketing automation system makes the difference.

Automated marketing is the process of nurturing potential customers by providing information of interest that businesses and individuals can access through various Internet technologies. This information might highlight a product or a service. By using an automated marketing system, a business can monitor a potential customer’s online behavior to further define which strategies are best for nurturing a customer to the point of closing sales.

How exactly does a marketing automation system work? It is more than sending weekly email blasts to potential customers. Email is one strategy, but marketing automation includes using various modes of contact to reach potential customers. For example, as part of its marketing automation system, a company might host a website with information that is helpful to businesses. A potential customer might visit a page for weekly updates, which tells a company that there is interest. The company can use this information to generate and nurture sales leads, and these sales leads become paying customers.

A marketing automation system does not replace a company’s sales staff. Marketing automation turns the marketing staff and sales staff into a team that enhances the sales staff’s ability to close sales. This means that marketing automation a win-win for everyone involved. Marketing automation uses tools such as digital forms that may be completed by a customer to request information.  Using automated marketing as a means of cultivating or nurturing good relationships with customers has many advantages.

Automated marketing allows a company to observe a potential customer’s digital habits so they can deliver the types of information to customers that will help them decide to make purchases without feeling pressured. There may be links to various items of interest and as the customer clicks on these links, a company observes the actions to determine when he or she is ready to buy. At that point, a salesperson might follow up with a customer to discuss products and answer questions.

A system for marketing automation not only generates new business, it builds customer loyalty. The same strategies that are used to bring customers to the point of purchasing can be used to stay in touch with customers after the sale, which can result in repeat business.

Many organizations can benefit from marketing automation, including sports teams, retailers, and non-profits. The key is to choose a marketing automation provider that offers the service and support necessary to make your campaign run seamlessly. This means selecting a provider with platforms that will integrate with your current software system.  When choosing a marketing automation system provider, look for a company with the capacity to design a system that will work with your company’s needs and one that has a reputation for providing excellent technical support.

Image license: TopRank Online Marketing, CC BY 2.0