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Friday, February 7, 2014

What careers can vocational schools prepare you for?

Vocational training is often career specific in nature
Vocational education develops career skills directly
Vocational schools used to be known for developing students for careers in the automotive, agricultural and industrial fields of employment, and while many schools do in fact still offer those programs, they are now focusing much of their attention on other fields that are experiencing a great deal of demand.

These jobs require students to be highly skilled in a variety of aspects of a career, and these schools help to prepare them for gainful employment in these positions. The goal of these types of schools is to give students the specific skills they need to succeed in a specific field or industry, and this focus has resulted in the beginning of many successful careers. There are many courses of study available that prepare students for a career in a variety of fields:
  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Technology
  • Office administration


Vocational training in healthcare helps meet the healthcare needs of a growing population
Many careers in the healthcare industry exist
The health care industry is experiencing a significant increase in demand for employees. This is the result of the rapidly aging population, coupled with the rapidly increasing population as a whole.

With advancements in medical technologies, people are living longer and are in greater need of health care. As a result, careers in this field are becoming increasingly popular, and many schools offer a variety of programs to prepare students for a career in this field.

Some careers require relatively minimal training, while others require study that leads to a doctoral program. Regardless, this is one field of study that will lead to a high-demand career with an excellent starting salary.


The recent economic crisis caused the financial industry to take a bit of a hit in terms of its reputation, but that has had zero impact on the demand for jobs in this field. In fact, there is an increased demand for jobs as more and more businesses are seeking better accountability when it comes to tracking their financial records. Schools offer a variety of programs in the financial field, with programs that include bookkeeping and accounting, among other options as well.


Boost career possibilities with technology training
Technology skills are an asset in tech firms
Technology is an industry that is very likely to be in consistent high demand. Our society is so heavily reliant on the use of technology that it is difficult to see a decrease in the demand for these jobs any time soon. 

Many schools are offering in-depth programs that will help students become involved in careers in information technology, programming and software design. 

Given the popularity of these fields, along with the great deal of demand, schools that offer these programs are seeing a constant stream of applicants looking to start a career in the technology industry.

Office administration

Yet another industry that vocational schools help students prepare for is office administration. There are many jobs available in this field as well, and many of them require specific training and certifications, all of which schools can helps students attain. Office managers and administrators often require a very specific set of skills and experience, which these schools help their students earn.

There are many fields that vocational schools offer training for, and many of these industries are in very high demand. The training and certification these schools offer is invaluable to students, especially as they begin to pursue careers in fields that require specific knowledge and experience.  

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