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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

11 companies that recently increased their dividend stock payouts

By Andrew Lisa

Companies that continually boost their dividend payout are among the best stocks to purchase for income. With markets at a record high, dividend stocks are doing even better than the market as a whole. But evidence shows that even in down or stagnant markets, dividend stocks fare better than many other choices.

Of dividend stocks, the best ones are those that routinely increase their dividend payout. Here are a few of the best that have recently boosted their bonus. 

Dividend stocks
Disney might be the king of all dividend stocks

The Walt Disney Co. (NYSE: DIS)

Disney was the best of the bunch. In December 2013, the 90-year-old company announced its 58th consecutive dividend payment increase. Disney is the world's largest media company by revenue and the Dow's fifth biggest gainer of the year. The company lifted its annual payout by 15 percent to $0.86 a share, up from $0.75.

Hillenbrand Inc. (NYSE: HI)

The company raised its quarterly payout 1.3 percent to $0.19 a share for a new yield of 2.77 percent.

John Hancock Investors Trust (NYSE: JHI)

The financial firm upped its quarterly payout 17 percent to $0.44 per share, up from $0.38. Shares boast yields just under 9 percent.

Macquarie Global Infrastructure Total Return Fund (NYSE: MGU)

After moving its quarterly dividend up to $0.35 a share from $0.32, investors now rake in a nearly 6 percent yield.

MFS Intermediate High Income Fund (NYSE: CIF)

The firm increased its monthly dividend a full 82.4 percent to $0.31 per share. The stock now yields 13.24 percent.

Mid-America Apartment Communities Inc. (NYSE: MAA)

After boosting its quarterly dividend by 5 percent, it rose to $0.73 per share, up from $0.69. Shares currently yield 4.72 percent.

Altisource Residential Corp (NYSE: ALTI)

Altisource went big, raising its quarterly dividend 150 percent to $0.25 a share, up from $0.10. Shares yield 3.26 percent.

American Tower Corp. (NYSE: AMT)

The firm upped its quarterly payout 3.6 percent to $0.29 a share from $0.28. The stock now yields 1.49 percent.

Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO)

This bank raised its quarterly dividend 2.7 percent to $0.71 a share for a 4.32 percent yield.

Capella Education Co. (Nasdaq: CPLA)

The educational firm became a dividend payer in December when it initiated a quarterly payout of $0.35 per share, good for an annual yield of 2.1 percent. The first payout was on Jan. 10.

Core Site Realty Corp. (NYSE: COR)

Core increased its quarterly dividend 29.6 percent to $0.35, up from $0.27. Shares yield 3.65 percent.

Corporate dividend stock increases
Choose stocks that increase dividend payouts consistently

Data show that over the last 36 years, dividend stocks have done better than the rest of the S&P 500 by more than 8 percent. If you can find one that increases payouts steadily and consistency, it's almost certainly a stock you want to hang onto.

About the author: Andrew Lisa is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. He writes about financial markets and gives advice on how to maintain a budget.

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