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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

5 tips for landing a job in the gaming industry

Gaming is a booming industry that shows no signs of slowing anytime soon. As with any booming industry, getting noticed in the crowd can be difficult, but it is not out of reach. These tips will help any person seeking employment in this growing job sector compete and stand above the crowd. 

Game programming jobs require specific qualities
A strong programming portfolio helps boost job prospects

1. Show your work

In an industry that combines creativity with technical expertise, you must have a strong portfolio of your work. Ultimately, no one cares where you went to school, if you were top of your class, or when you wrote your first piece of code. What they want to see is your work, and well, play your games! Show the mods and skins you made for Minecraft that one weekend. Maybe that flash game you made in five minutes and uploaded to Kongregate.com or Newgrounds.com, or that iOS game you are praying gets approved by the app store and becomes the next app of the week. Show them all that you can add to their team. 

2. Do not pad your resume 

This is still a relatively small industry. If you say you worked at so and so game design and worked on this or that MMO, you better have. Guaranteed the person looking at resumes will know someone at that company as well and you will get disregarded like a noob. 
Employment tips for the programming industry
Obsolete knowledge is a red flag

3. Show you are up to date on the latest platforms

No one will take you seriously if the only coding languages you list on your resume can only be used on a machine running Windows95 or a gameboy. Stay current and on the cutting edge of all the tools required to do the job you have always dreamed of doing. You can't design game apps for mobile yet? You will not get an interview! 

4. Show passion

You should eat, sleep, and breath gaming! This goes back to number one. Make sure your work reflects this passion. If you upload a silly game one day to one of the gaming websites like this, even if you think they are not worth seeing, make that known. A body of work shows a love for, and you are serious about, what you do. Creators in any field with the passion to stick with it, and constantly create, rarely fail. 

5. Do your homework on the company/person you are submitting to

As a future game designer, use the tech skills you have developed to learn as much as you can about who you are sending your resume to. Successful work environments are achieved by finding like minded individuals that work well as a team. Find out as much as you can to see if your personality will match with the personality of the company and its employees. Maybe the person you are submitting to shares a similar interest as you? Find that connection as it is a golden opportunity just waiting to be brought up. Find where you can make a connection, and make it a real connection. 

Find the companies you will fit in with the best and go after them. Show them your work, show them your passion, and show your knowledge so you can be on track to a successful career in gaming. Stick with it and one day you will land a job in the gaming industry and be the envy of all your friends! 

About the author: Miss Obvious is surrounded by creatives and gamers. She understands the effort required to live and work as a successful creative. You can connect with her on Google+.

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