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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to host a spectacular home staging party

Home staging party
Positioning a couch in just the right location can make a room look great
The real estate market is unpredictable. Homeowners often hope for a quick sale, but in order to generate interest for their property, they must list it in good condition and show off its best features. 

Staging your home for real estate purposes often involves a lot of work. If you are concerned that you will not be able to get everything on your “to do” list accomplished, why not have a home staging party? With the help of family and friends, you can transform your home in no time at all!

Set the date

Pick a day and time for your home staging party. Keep in mind that many people have work and family obligations; therefore, a Friday night or Saturday afternoon party is ideal. Identify a group of people that are willing to help and send them an email invitation. Include all the pertinent details, like the date, time commitment and the type of work involved. Remember that staging often involves moving large pieces of furniture. Be sure to send invitations to several individuals that are physically capable of those tasks.

Socialize first

Before you get down to the business at hand, spend an hour socializing with your guests. After all, this is a party! If you decide to have your event on a Friday night, order a few pizzas, relax and chat with your friends and family members. If you find it too expensive to feed everyone, ask that they bring a dish for a potluck meal prior to the staging activities. For a Saturday afternoon party, have a few appetizers and drinks on hand to get the party started off on a positive note.

Assign rooms

Once the socializing portion of the event is over, break your guests up into teams. Assign each group to a certain room in the house. Hand them a checklist of tasks to guide them through the staging process. While this checklist should vary according to each individual house, there are a few techniques that are fairly universal.

Get to work

First, each area needs to be decluttered. Make sure there is at least one box in every room so your guests can put away items that are getting in the way, like small knickknacks, pictures and other home d├ęcor items. You don’t want the rooms to look stark, but it is important that your “stuff” is thinned out.

Too much furniture can make a room seem very small. Taking a few pieces out often makes a huge difference. For example, perhaps your master has a large bed, two dressers and two nightstands. Storing one of the dressers and one nightstand really opens up the room, and chances are, you can make do with less storage space for a while. If removing items is not an option, ask your guests to try and rearrange the rooms so that they appear more open and welcoming to potential buyers. Relocating a piece of furniture from a small space to a larger room may also be an option.

Make sure each room is clean. That often means dusting and vacuuming, at a bare minimum. A dirty house creates a bad first impression, so it is an important issue to address. Obviously, some rooms, like the bathroom, may need more cleaning than others. 

A home staging party is a great way to get your property ready for the market. Remember, simple changes can make a big difference, so do what you can to get your home sold quickly. 

This post was provided by GlenCove Rentals, a real estate agency located in Long Island, NY. 

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