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Friday, April 25, 2014

How blackout curtains can save you money on your energy bill

By Paul Reichman

Blackout curtians
Blackout curtains block hot sunlight
The term 'blackout' is usually associated with a major loss of power, but when it comes to blackout curtains it's all about keeping the lights on by saving energy and spending less.

As we all know, when you save energy at home you also save money. In fact, energy saving measures can mean up to 30% off a standard energy bill. so understanding how to use this unique type of curtains is of interest to us all

Insulate your home from high energy bills

Installing blackout curtains around your home is one of various recommendations that comes under the 'insulation' category. This means heat lost through walls and ceilings, which accounts for up to 25% of overall energy loss at home. That's a level that puts better insulation high on the home to-do list.
As part of a wider DIY home energy audit the savings from improved insulation can be considerable.The objective is to keep energy from leaking out of your home, while at the same time ensuring that energy consumption is at the lowest level it can be.

Depending on the specific needs of your residence, blackout curtains may make sense throughout the whole home or in just one or two particularly wasteful rooms. A good place to start is by checking all of your windows for drafts. Even if these only seem minimal, drafts are a sure sign that energy is being wasted and offer a prime place to start your drive for an energy efficient home.

An important factor to keep in mind is the length and thickness of the blackout curtains you select. As they will hopefully be decorating your home and saving you money for years to come, it pays to take some time to make the right choice. If your windows are particularly old or drafty, a thicker curtain that insulates from floor to ceiling might be the only effective choice.

Remember that blackout curtains will yield the most energy savings when combined with other measures that reduce leaks and increase insulation. That said, as a first step on the road to full energy efficiency, picking up a set or two of these cost-saving curtains

Other benefits of blackout curtains

Saving energy and money is obviously a main motivation to invest in this type of window drape, but there are other advantages to consider.

As the name suggests, blackout curtains keep out a large amount of natural light from any room. For anyone who has difficulty getting to sleep or who works a night-shift, keeping a room almost pitch black can be a big step towards getting a good night's rest.

And light isn't the only distraction that blackout curtains can help with. If noise is a factor in your home, then a substantial set of this type of drapes will help to block some of that distracting sound. Another bonus for light sleepers!

Overall, blackout curtains provide an accessible and affordable way to increase energy efficiency and reduce your monthly bill. Whether used as a standalone measure or part of a wider home energy audit, this is a first step that every home can take.

About the author: +Paul Reichman is the founder of BedBathStore. Using decades of experience in home fashion as well as green living, Paul offers quality bed, bath and home furnishings at great prices through www.bedbathstore.com.

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