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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Making money off of your blog

If you are creating a blog in order to monetize it, there are a number of options open to you. Usually, you can implement several of these ideas on one blog to diversify your income stream. No matter what means you choose to use to generate income, however, keep in mind that the key to any successful blog is quality content. Whatever you have to offer such as expertise, wit, flamboyance, creativity or humor needs to be powerful enough to attract an audience of readers and encourage them to return on a regular basis. Once you have your blog with dynamic content set up, here are some of the best ways to make it pay.

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Pay Per Click Advertising
Once you have an account set up for pay per click advertising, it is a completely passive form of income. The most popular and far-reaching service available is Google AdSense, but there are other options. You embed the ad code on your site, and then the ad service scans your content and runs whatever ads it deems relevant to the topics you write about. Each time someone clicks on an ad to find out more about the product or service, you receive income. If you blog on a popular topic such as health, your income potential is higher.

Affiliate Marketing
In affiliate marketing, you post links on your site for goods or services, and then when a consumer clicks through your site and buys something, you get a commission on the sale. The largest affiliate marketing program is Amazon Associates, but there are others. Once you have an affiliate membership, select whatever products you think are relevant to the topics you blog about. Since you receive a percentage of the sales, obviously the larger-priced items net you more income. Your options on what to promote are almost unlimited, and once affiliate marketing is set up, there is little more for you to do but wait for the checks.

Selling Ad Space
If you have a blog with a large, regular readership, you can directly sell ad space on your site. This has the advantage of being a steady source of income that is not dependent on clicks or sales. The disadvantage of this option is that if the product goes viral, you received no additional income except the already agreed-upon rate, although you have the possibility of renegotiation when your agreement or contract expires. If your blog is on a popular topic and gets many visitors, this may be a good option for you.
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Selling a Product
If your blog takes off in popularity, you can consider creating a product to sell directly from your site, such as an e-book. Compile the content from your website, add additional material and vend it straight to your readers. Though you have to take the time to create, design, and upload a digital product, after that there is not much active work involved.

Whatever steps you take in monetizing your blog, remember that it takes time to make it pay. Many people make significant full or part time incomes from blogging, but it does not happen instantly. Your readership and income grow with time. In addition, if you are serious about making money through blogging, expand and diversify your blog network. Once one blog is operational, begin another, possibly on another topic. Some income streams may seem slow and small, but when combined create a significant financial inflow.

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