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Monday, May 5, 2014

5 benefits of having an air source heat pump

Air source heat pumps
For every 1 KW of electricity, air source heat pumps produce 2.5 KWs of heat 

By Gabriella Johnson

With both economic and environmental benefits, air-source heat pumps offer some of the most attractive options for home heating. With their energy efficiency, reliance on clean, renewable energy and low overall costs, they offer advantages not found in more common ways of heating your home. Here are five main benefits of installing an air-source heat pump.

1. Heating efficiency

The majority of the energy that goes into heating your home from an air-source heat pump comes from the air outside. Even at temperatures as low as minus 5 degrees Celcius, air-sourced pumps are able to harness the available ambient heat and convert it into warm air for your home.

Heat, hot water and even heated floors can all be powered by an air-source heat pump. Depending on the exact needs of a home, air-source systems can be designed to efficiently provide heat for any number of needs.

Despite the small amount of electricity required to power the pump, their efficiency is much greater than that of standard heating sources since they mostly run on air from the environment.

For every 1 kilowatt of electricity, air source heat pumps produce 2.5 kilowatts of heat for your home. At 250 per cent effectiveness, this presents one of the most efficient means of heating your home today.

2. Cleaner and more sustainable energy

Since air-source heat pumps rely on the air from outside, their operation doesn’t pollute the environment with harmful emissions. Clean air from outside converts into heat for your home.
For those concerned with eliminating the world’s dependence on fossil fuels, air-source heat pumps are one of the best ways for you to easily transition into a greener lifestyle.

You can start cutting down on the overall amount of greenhouse gas emissions by adapting your home, or fitting a new one, with one of these pumps; it’s that simple.

3. Lower energy costs

Approximately 80 per cent of the power that drives an air-source heat pump comes from the air outside; only 20 per cent of the energy comes from electricity. This results in lower overall energy costs while providing efficient heat for your home.

Combined with low maintenance and affordable installation costs, an air-source heat pump offers one of the cheapest alternatives for keeping your home comfortable. With a control system that adjusts the overall output to meet different heat demands, not only does the pump provide the best in comfort, but it does so while saving money.

4. Simple and versatile installation

Without the need for any large heating units, air-source heat pumps can easily install into a home without disturbing your living space.

There are a number of ways that a pump can be fitted to a house, making it a viable solution for several different applications. Whether they’re a retrofit or a part of a newly built home, air-source heat pumps are unobtrusive and versatile.

5. No dependency on fuel suppliers

For UK citizens, 78 per cent of consumer energy bills come from heating—and they have risen higher than 160 per cent in the last decade. Not only is the trend of rising costs likely to continue, but it also is responsible for 38 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions in the atmosphere.
Air-source heat pumps give you the freedom to do away with fuel suppliers while drastically reducing your electricity bills.

Lower energy bills, lower impact on the climate

With rising energy costs and the growing threats of climate change, it’s vital that we all try to do our part.

About the author: Gabriella Johnson is the Marketing Executive at Innasol, a leading European renewable heating company. She and the team are able to provide homeowners and businesses with more information on air-source heat pumps and whether or not they are suitable for their property.

Image: Author owned and licensed