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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Add value to your home with these tips

Benefits of window tinting
Tinted windows reduce solar generated heat
By Henry H. Hernandez

If you want your home to be more valuable when you decide to put it on the market then you are going to need to spruce it up a bit. I’m not talking about just a fresh coat of paint, I’m talking about adding real value making some serious renovations.

At first, you may think to yourself that you can’t afford to do any major renovations, but I am going to tell you that you can’t afford not to.

Here are some ways in which you can make some serious improvements on your home that will add major value to it.

Green your home with window tint

Everyone is into being green and saving energy. This isn’t a bad thing by any means, but most don’t know how to practically do so. One of the best ways that you can “green” your home is by having your windows tinted.

Having tinted windows in your home will drastically decrease the cost of your monthly energy bill. Good window tint should keep hot UV rays out while allowing light to come in. Find a company that uses 3M window tint. 3M has the best window tinting film on the market.

Privacy fence

Property upgrades that add value
Privacy fences are a sought after amenity for home buyers
People love to have privacy in their home and not just in their home, but in their yard as well. If someone who is home shopping comes across a home that has a privacy fence and one that doesn’t then you better believe that not having a fence could be a deal breaker for you.

You may be thinking to yourself that you are in a good scenario because you have a fence, but what condition is your fence in? Could it benefit from a fresh coat of varnish or a new coat of paint? Consider these things.

New roof

Chances are that you may have a leak somewhere on your roof and hopefully it is a small one. Repair any roof damage and make sure you keep record of every repair done. If a home has a newly repaired roof then you better believe that is a plus in your home’s favor.

So many homes neglect their roof until they notice a serious problem. Don’t be that guy. You should get on your roof every 6 months or so and check it out to see if there is anything wrong.

Waterproof your basement

Most people just write off their basement as a part of the house that is always going to be dark, wet and dirty. With that kind of mindset a lot of basements get neglected and as a result your home’s foundation can take a serious blow.

If you want to prevent any foundation damage from occurring then I suggest having your basement waterproofed. Waterproofing your basement can seriously save your home form foundation damage.
If you are wanting to increase the value of your home then start here with these tips. Yes, taking these measures will cost you, but they will also greatly increase the value of your home as well as the selling price.

About the author: Henry H. Hernandez is a veteran and Texan. Henry is an internet marketer who works with a Dallas, TX based fence company http://www.dallasfencepros.com/. Henry loves to connect through Google Plus.

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