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Monday, May 12, 2014

The importance of a well designed and high-quality label for your product

Business label design
Business labels represent corporate brand
By Tammy Wiltshire

It can be easy to focus all of your attention on the product rather than the label, and it’s where many other companies have gone wrong too. So why is the label so important, and what do good design and high-quality mean when it comes to your product label?

A good label attracts customers

We all know the saying; don’t judge a book by its cover. We’ve all been guilty of it though, both looking at a product and putting it down because it doesn’t look appealing, or just walking past it entirely, simply because it hasn’t captured our interest.

A badly designed label does exactly that - fails to generate interest, or worse, attracts ridicule and negative interest. Your product label is often the first chance your customer gets to see any kind of information relating to the product, and will help to form that all-important first impression. So needless to say, it needs to be well designed and of the highest quality.  

Quality speaks for itself

If your label is of an inferior quality, any potential customers will probably assume that the actual product is as well. Your label needs to not only tell the customer what the product is, but speak for the product too, giving some kind of indication as to the quality. After all, an attractive label will make your product seem attractive too!  

The reputation of your company

If you have an outstanding product but pay little or no attention to the design and overall quality of your product labels, it could lead to you not being taken seriously. If a customer doesn’t take your company seriously, it’s hard to believe that they would willingly part with money to buy your goods. A company needs to extend its dedication to providing excellence to all areas of the business, and that includes the labels that they use on their products, which should never be an afterthought.  

What is good design? 

There are many things that set a well-designed product label apart from other labels. A strong, unique design that stands apart from the crowd, appropriate and complimentary use of colour to attract customers are just two ways to improve a design. Others include using attractive typography that is easy to read and eye-catching, and use of spot varnishing and other effects to make your label as visually arresting as it possibly can be. If you are working with a professional company to design your product labels, these techniques will be subjects that they know about in great detail - so utilise their knowledge of design and industry to your advantage. Market research is a must as well - to find out what other companies are doing right and wrong!

What are quality materials? 

It’s also important to think about the physical quality of your product labels too. Is the material that you have chosen to use suitable for the product? Is it going to remain attached, or will the adhesive prove inefficient in hot or damp conditions? Whether the material you use rip, discolour or not work well in other ways when used with an adhesive are also other important things to consider.

What type of material you chose to print your label on is also important in an aesthetic sense, for example, a product in a clear bottle or container would look far more attractive with a label printed on to clear plastic rather than white paper or any other opaque material.

So now you know!

Now that you are aware of the importance of design and quality when it comes to your product labels, you are now able to go forward and create something that showcases your product and your company in the best way possible!

About the author: Tammy Wiltshire is the Marketing Manager for Labelnet based in Ongar, Essex which specialise in creating and designing high-quality product labels.

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