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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Rules of engagement: Are grooms spending less on engagement rings than ever before?

By Jason Keith

There are many rules concerning weddings that couples feel they want to adhere to. Many of these such as ‘something borrowed something blue’ are fairly budget friendly and easy to work into your big day. However there are certain things that are difficult to scrimp on. Favours and gifts, a traditional wedding buffet and the perfect venue can really send your wedding budget spiralling out of control, not to mention multiple bridesmaid dresses and of course, the all-important wedding dress.

Cheaper engagements
Lean engagements are becoming increasingly common
Many couples are choosing to save money for these things by spending less whenever and wherever they can, and research suggests many couples are ‘starting as they mean to go on’ so to speak, by spending less and less on the engagement ring.

It’s suggested by ‘the Daily Mail’ that less than 24 percent of those hoping to pop the question are spending more than 2 weeks’ salary on that all important ring, which is a long way off the traditional two months’ worth us ladies are probably secretly hoping for. Wedding site ‘World of Wedmin’ conducted a survey and found only 10 percent of those asked were apparently following the tradition and splashing the cash.

Could it all be about to change?

The rise of wedding centric television programmes such as ‘Four Weddings’ and most notably ‘Don’t tell the bride’ means couples, and most especially men are discussing weddings more frequently and men are now becoming more involved in the wedding planning process too. however even before you get to that stage, these television programmes serve as great inspiration for those looking for an engagement ring, a simple ‘oh that’s nice’ from a partner, or watching a simple romantic proposal with a gorgeous ring can really get those cogs turning and get them spending that cash to ensure they get their own engagement just right.

Celebrity style

It seems a different celebrity couple are getting engaged every day, and Even if women’s magazines aren’t your thing, it’s hard to miss the announcements plastered all over the media. More and more people are lusting after gorgeous celebrity rings and although we mere mortals are not likely to afford the hefty price tag; these rings are a great source of inspiration for finding something a little extra special for a partner. Although a giant rock like Kim Kardashian’s would be totally impractical as well as expensive, the minimal simplicity style of Reece Witherspoons’ ring, and the vintage charm of possibly the most famous engagement ring in the world,  Kate Middleton’s, have encouraged people to consider choosing a ring more wisely and perhaps spend a little more.

So, despite the evidence that many men are spending less on engagement rings than tradition suggests, they are still spending a fair amount where budget allows. This in no way means that all you ladies out there can’t have a beautiful ring that you will completely fall in love with, and after all, not all tradition are set in stone (no pun intended). However much your future hubby plans to spend on your engagement ring, remember that no matter how much he has splashed out, a £5,000 ring means exactly the same as a £500 ring. A symbol of your love, and that is priceless.

About the author: Jason Keith is the Founder of Jason Keith Jewellery, which specialises in creating beautiful bespoke engagement rings with stunning precious stones to your budget.

Image: Kumon,"Marriage" CC BY 2.0