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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Energy saving gadgets for the office

It is not just light bulbs and meters that can help you save energy, there are vast ranges of gadgets for the office that can help you save money on your energy bills.  As the office is one of the highest places that consume energy, these will not only save you money, but will really push the image of the ‘Green Business’ home for your employees. Here are a few gadgets that could really benefit your energy saving incentive;
Office energy savings
Small energy adjustments add up

1. Water Powered Calculator

Instead of using the tradition alkaline powered batteries, this can run off tap water. It uses moisture to activate the carbon particles inside the calculator to produce energy. The batteries can last two to three months and instead of replacing them; just fill them up with water again.

 2. Canon Pixma office printer

One of the tips for energy saving is to switch off appliances when not in use. People can forget to do this, but recent development in technology can help. The Canon Pixma has an auto-off mode when not in use. This can be adjusted on the printer and can even start up as soon as a job is sent to it. The printer can also give you CO2 readings and how much you use when printing. It is an effective gadget when it comes to energy saving management.

3. Adblock Plus

It may not seem like an obvious energy saver, but did you know that pop us use extra processing power and lighting on a laptop or computer? This will cause the device to use up more energy when it happens. Using a pop up program such as Adblock will prevent the increased power consumption caused by pop ups. 

4. Laptop saver

Keeping a laptop plugged in, even when it is fully charged can use up energy. This device will manage and check how much charge the laptop needs to be efficient. It will also charge the laptop to the needed amount.  The device will also extend the battery of your laptop. Using products such as the Eliminata laptop saver from Energy Reducing products can save you around £15 per year, per laptop.

5. Eco Kettle

This is for the coffee fanatics in the office. This kettle can save you an average of 30% of energy when used. The kettle comes with two compartments. The first chamber is the reservoir with most kettles holding around 1.5 litres of water. Releasing water into the second compartment from the first will let you boil the exact amount of water needed for coffee or tea, rather than boiling all the water in one compartment every time the kettle is used.

6. Eco Button

Another office gadget for the computer, this device won the Environmental and Energy Award in 2009. Costing between £5 and £10, pushing this button will put the computer into an economical mode. It can connect via USB and you can use it if you need a short break from the computer. Moving the mouse or pressing the keyboard will revive the computer. The software will also give you an indication of how much energy you have saved and can be used to help in an energy audit of your business.

Most of these gadgets are geared towards computer, compared to lightning; they are the next biggest users of energy in the office. Consult an Energy saving specialist for more advice.

    About the author: Harry Price is a writer, poker player and entrepreneur. He enjoys going to the gym and being a personal trainer.

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