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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Self-storage: Collectors’ cost-efficient storage option

Where to store valuable collectible items
 Carefully storing collectibles helps preserve their value
By Sarah Miller

While there is a significant segment of collectors who make their foray into the hobby as a form of investment, a sizeable number of collectors started out simply because of the thrill of the hunt – be it books, records, toys or even wine. Indeed, there is a unique thrill in knowing that there are several pieces in your collection that most collectors would pay an arm and a leg for just to have them in their grubby little paws.

Problems collectors face

But as you continue to grow your collection, there may come a time when you need to make space in your own home, permanently or for the short term. Perhaps, you and your wife are expecting a new baby and you'd like to convert your private den into a nursery. Or perhaps your wife's old folks are coming over for a month-long holiday and you'd need to make room for them.

If disposing of your prized collection to other hobbyists is not a viable option, the smart move would be self-storage. Ringwood collectors can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that they do not have to part with their valuable collections because they can rent a self-storage unit for the short or long term, depending on their needs. On top of that, they are assured that their collection won't be damaged during storage.

Finding the right storage facility

As a collector, you'd want your precious horde protected even without your watchful eye on it. It is imperative, then, to choose the right self-storage facility. What you'd want is a facility that offers units with a solid roof and walls, has individual alarms, 24-hour security, tamper-proof locking, smoke alarms, and movement sensors. If you are storing quite a number of items, it is advisable to opt for a facility that offers easy drive-up storage and does away with lifts and stairs. If you are storing wine, the facility you choose should have temperature-controlled wine cellars. If you want to visit your collection from time to time, opt for a facility that offers extended access hours.

But whether you are storing pieces from your valuable collection or ordinary household items, you can get more mileage from your investment in a self-storage unit by learning how to store them properly. 

Collectibles storage tips

The most convenient way to do that is to use the appropriate types of boxes. Prior to packing up your stuff, it is a good idea to make a few allowances. You'd be surprised at the number of boxes you'll actually need. Make sure that the boxes you use are sturdy and designed specifically for the items that you are to store. Boxes should be entirely filled up to prevent them from collapsing once you stack them up on top of each other. After a box has been filled, make sure to seal it with packaging tape to help keep dust at bay and even reinforce the box itself.

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