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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Starting and making it with your own business

Starting your own business requires thorough planning and research in order for it to take off successfully with thousands of people start a business nearly every day. There are many valid reasons for starting one, whether it is because you want to work for yourself, have a great for a gap in the market or simply because you want to make money. As long as you show commitment and planning, doing your research and creating a solid business plan, your business will start off and remain successful. To help you with the basics to starting your own business, here are some suggestions;

Start with an idea

All businesses start with one. Whether you have an idea already, or are deciding on what to do, you need to make sure it is a realistic one that can be turned into a profitable product or service. Once you have decided on an idea, the next step is to conduct research. Identify who your customer might be. Is there a gap in the market for that particular idea? The research should also include investigating if the idea or service has already been done. If it has not, it is worth registering in the event that someone else comes up with the same idea. This will protect your business and ensure that your idea is not copied.

Developing a business plan is also vital. The plan should consist of your business goals, why you think they are attainable and how you will reach them. Looking into partners who will help you by taking on certain responsibilities and let you focus on the important aspects of your business. Look into trustworthy suppliers as these will be the most important relationships of your business.

The Business Startup Process 
How to start a new business
Adequate capitalization, cash flow and revenue are among the most important new business challenges


The most important part of starting any business is gaining access to finances. A business needs a sufficient amount of funds in order to get it off the ground and to a good start. Taking out a loan is a common option for starting a business and these can be obtained through speaking to a bank manager. They will want to see a solid business plan and will decide whether to give you a loan based on that. So it is imperative that you have done your research into your target audience and have shown that your idea can be turned into a viable business. Commercial brokers are another alternative to obtaining finances, they can help find you a suitable finance option that will suit your needs, provide you with guidance and support.

Getting noticed

Another important aspect when it comes to making a successful venture is to be seen. If you are not noticed by your customer, you may not be making the ROI you need for the business to survive. This is where your market research will come into play. Knowing where your customers shop, their behaviour habits and how they shop. This will allow you to employ a clever marketing strategy that will raise your brand awareness. Hiring the services of a marketing agency will allow you to leave the campaign in the hands of the experts.

In conclusion, starting a business relies on thorough research and planning. Without either of these, your business may suffer in the very early stages. As mentioned with finances, contacting a commercial broker can give you the advice you need to make your new venture successful.

About the author: Harry Price is a writer, poker player and entrepreneur. He enjoys going to the gym and being a personal trainer.

Image: 1. Venture Timeline, CC BY-SA 3.0; Author owned and licensed