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Saturday, August 16, 2014

The advantages of a personal image consultant today

Professional image consulting
Image re-branding assists with career development
By Sarah Miller

Image-driven. It sounds like a concept one would only associate with celebrities and performers. But personal image isn’t exclusive to people who are constantly seen and talked about in media. Personal image is also a crucial factor to your personal success, no matter what line of work you may be in, be it in a corporate or creative environment.

Businesses and employers not only look at your performance, credentials, and work ethic. They also consider your professional image and presence since both play a role in acquiring more business. However, image and presence are not merely accomplished by shopping for new clothes. It takes a personal image consultant to harness what you already have and give you the tools to shine so you achieve your full potential.

Image consultants have gained the necessary training and experience in professional presence, styling, makeup,and grooming. The recommendations are customised for your needs. So whether you are looking to “rebrand” your image as a senior executive for the media industry or want to land a coveted position in the country’s prestigious investment banking firm, your image consultant will come up with the appropriate wardrobe and styling to help you achieve your goals.

A simple change in the colours and cuts of your wardrobe could spell the difference between garnering that critical attention from decision makers in your industry to simply getting compliments for a new outfit. Indeed, your personal image has to be more than just wearing new clothes; the new clothes have to represent your personal brand. And your personal brand has to reflect the very image you want to project.

In addition to benefitting from expertise in professional imagery, investing in image consulting services can actually save you time and money. When you’re trying to shift careers or advance your professional status, you can’t really afford to lose any time or waste any money. An image consultant knows exactly what outfits and styling will work best for you.

Depending on what you want to achieve in terms of your personal image, your consultant may offer you make-up tutorials, grooming sessions, and, of course, personal styling. Some consultants add etiquette and communication consulting services as well.

Professional competition in any industry is getting tougher as newer and younger players come in. Whether you are gunning for a promotion or want to shift careers, you can create greater, more effective impact by getting image and fashion consultancy services. It is an investment you can make today that will pay off big in the future. 

About the author: Sarah Miller is a business consultant who is fond of writing informative articles about various business industries. She usually reads books as well as visits websites like http://www.kellylundberg.co/ to broaden her know-how about improving business sales and the like. 

Image license: Geralt/Pixabay, US-PD