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Thursday, September 4, 2014

9 common blogging mistakes that businesses make

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A publishing schedule helps avoid disillusionment
By Azalea Pena

If your blog isn’t getting the traffic you are expecting, you clearly must be doing something wrong. Well, don’t beat yourself about it because every blogger can commit the common blogging mistakes. All you need to do is recognize what these mistakes are, and then avoid doing them again. So, let’s get on with it.

1. No publishing schedule

Do you really want to keep your readers guessing on when your next post will come out? Save them the headache and establish a publishing schedule. You should publish regularly and consistently, so your readers will know when to come back and visit your site again. Keeping them guessing will just push them away and not come back… ever.

2. Too much about you

It is your blog so you’d want to talk about anything that interests you. However, your readers won’t like this at all. No one wants to go to a blog site where the blogger just talks about himself or the company he is promoting. Frankly, it’s annoying. Instead of focusing on you, talk about what your readers want to read or know about. Don’t turn them off by being so self-centered.

3. No pictures

Nowadays, people get easily attracted to eye-catching images. They’d rather click a post with an image than one with just pure text. There’s no doubt that good images capture attention and with attention, you get more visits to your blog site. So, if you haven’t been including images alongside your blog posts, it’s time that you do so.

4. No call-to-action

Are your readers not doing what you want them to do? In the first place, is your call-to-action clear? Every post should end with an encouragement to take action, whatever it is that you want your reader to do. Without putting a call-to-action, the reader doesn’t exactly know what the next step is. It is your responsibility to guide them to that next step.

5. No optimization

Your posts should be optimized, meaning you still have to use the right target keywords. Optimizing a post will help you go up the ranks, which is very helpful in terms of search engine result visibility. However, these days, your content shouldn’t be about impressing the search engine, it should impress the reader.

Also keep in mind that not being obvious pays off. So try different angles with your content optimization and promotion. It is sure to pay off.

6. No interaction

Sometimes, whether a reader likes or dislikes your post, they will comment on it. Never ignore a comment. Replying to a comment is a way to engage with your readers. Further, your reply will encourage others to post their comments too. You’re showing your readers that you actually care about what they say, which is a huge plus in building relationships.

7. No relationships built

A continuation to the previous tip… you won’t have loyal readers if you don’t build relationships with them. The only way to do this is through engagement. It takes time to build relationships but it is well-worth it at the end. Reply to comments, share their posts, answer questions… basically, interact with them. Sometimes, you have to give first before you can receive something back.

8. Poor writing

As everyone says, content is king. So if you have poor content, don’t expect people to follow your blog. What separates you from people being loyal to you is the quality of the content you give out. If you publish relevant and helpful content, readers will follow you. If you don’t, then they won’t too. In addition, it’s not always just about the content. It’s how you write the piece too. Is your writing tone friendly? Are you using the right words? Are there any grammatical and typographical errors? Is the post too lengthy? Does it offer relevant information?

9. No social media

Social media sites are free, so why not use them to your advantage? Social media is a great place to build relationships, to share content and to promote your blog site. It will be a huge mistake not to utilize your social media profiles and do the promoting there.

These common mistakes may be caused by laziness or lack of dedication and commitment. Ask yourself, what do you really want to happen? If you’re dead serious about growing your blog, stop committing these mistakes and do something about it. It takes action to get results you want.

About the author: Azalea Pena is a sincere blogger with years of experience. She is interested in action-packed films, volleyball, food, and pursuing a well-balanced lifestyle.

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