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Monday, September 22, 2014

Interview preparation tips for successive interviews

Multiple interviews allow employers to thoroughly review job candidates; the process often means they also have plenty of qualified applicants. This gives employers the advantage in the hiring process and can lead to extensive, and even wasted, time and effort on the part of career candidates.

Job interview tips
Each successive interview has different objectives
Applicants engaged with this process are faced with a potentially daunting process with no guarantee of a job; this can also be expensive and lead to frustration. Job candidates seeking to survive multiple job and panel interviews benefit from a sound job hunting strategy.


The goal of multiple interviews is to test candidate endurance in addition to suitability for the job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the total number of employee turnovers in February 2012 was 4.09 million on hires of 4.39 million. Since it costs money to initiate a new hiring process and train new employees, avoiding turnover rates as high as the BLS statistics makes sense for businesses. To avoid failing this process self-screening to determine if the job is really a good fit saves time and energy to focus on applications that make sense.


Multiple interviews are much better managed when prepared for in advance. This means knowing industry related questions and answers, job descriptions, employee names and backgrounds, and typical qualifications needed for specific jobs. For example, the Loyala University Law School  Office of Career Services recommends asking for interviewer business cards before the interview starts to assist with name recall. Being properly prepared also helps narrow down what interviewers expect from applicants, and helps ensure interviewee competitiveness in the screening procedure.


Presenting oneself at an interview is important for all parties involved. The presentation involves arriving on time, correspondence before and after the interview, what is said in the interview and how one conducts themselves during the interview process. NY Daily News suggests being natural and utilizing information gained from previous interviews to demonstrate familiarity with the company. Properly completing  paperwork neatly, legibly and without typos is also helpful to the overall presentation at multiple interviews.


Being professional involves more than just good presentation, it also involves being timely, honest and organized according to the Connecticut Department of Labor. Although ideally multiple interviews serve as gateways for careers that cater to aspects of individuality, that is not always a reality. When this happens, professionalism  enables candidates to answer interview questions in a way that effectively distances  job conduct from one's personal goals, opinions and beliefs.

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