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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The life of Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo

Female CEOs
Marissa Mayer: CEO of Yahoo
By A.W. Berry

Marissa Mayer is an information technology executive, centi-millionaire, and celebrity who formally worked at Google for over a decade and served as its Vice President of local and location-based products. In July of 2012, she was hired by Yahoo to be their Chief Executive Officer. Mayer has two computer science degrees in artificial intelligence from Stanford University, and has also served on Walmart's Board of Directors per the Huffington Post.


Born in Wisconsin, Marissa Mayer is an American who originally sought to become a neurosurgeon per Spectrum Magazine. However, when pre-med classes seemed overly expensive in terms of educational value, Mayer got sidetracked into computer science to make the most of her education. Soon after graduating from Stanford, Mayer was hired by Google when it was still a small start-up business in 1999. She was the first female engineer to be hired by the company. Mayer has a younger brother named Mason Mayer per the San Francisco Appeal.


Marissa has a flare for innovation and fastidious detail per Bloomberg. After being hired by Yahoo as its CEO, Marissa Mayer also announced her first pregnancy to Zachary Bogue, her husband of three years, and venture capitalist and private equity partner. Mayer has no previous marriages, and according to the Los Angeles Times, her hobbies include ballet, fashion and art. These interests seem to follow the professional pursuits of both her parents as her father is an engineer, and her mother is an art teacher. 


Working at Google gave Mayer the opportunity to leverage her computer science brilliance and develop the knowledge and leadership skills central to her role at Yahoo. At the time she was hired by Yahoo, the company was experiencing substantial managerial problems, and had already hired and let go of five CEOs in five years per the Huffington Post. Successfully taking on the task that several previous CEOs did not finish was an opportunity Mayer chose to pursue as an implicit challenger per the LA Times.


In 2009 Marissa Mayer became a Glamour Magazine Woman of the Year. She also received an honorary Phd from the Illinois Institute of Technology. At Google, her many years of work identified her as a major influence on the design and programming of Google Maps, Mail and Earth; this is also reflected in her Tecca top 10 ranking for most influential women in technology. In 2012, Mayer was named the 42nd most powerful woman in business by Fortune/CNN Money. Mayer has also served as a Board Trustee for two museums per the World Economic Forum where she was a 2010 Young Global Leader honoree.

Image license: Giorgio Montersino; CC BY-SA 2.0