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Monday, October 13, 2014

Email marketing: Best strategy

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Avoid email spamming by respecting recipients best interests

When you are new to email marketing it makes sense that you read up on it and learn as much as you can. This is great, until you start to read different methods and techniques that people insist are the best way forward and then things can get confusing. Rather than let this be an issue the best thing you can do is try thing to do is read up on as much as possible and the try things out for yourself. One of the best things about email marketing is that you are able to easily monitor things like click through so it shouldn't be hard to see how well things are working for you and whether the emails you are sending need to be changed.

So, what it comes to email marketing strategies what type of emails should you be sending?

A big part of this will depend on the industry you are involved in and who your target audience is. You should have a good idea as to who your customer base are and this will give you a good indication as to the type of emails you should be sending in order to get their attention.

1 - Educational

Putting yourself in a position of authority can really help to gain the trust of your customers and encourage them to buy from you. After all, people like to buy from companies that they feel know what they are doing.

When you are sending out marketing emails why not go down the route of educating people or enlightening them? Rather than just going down the route of 'buy from us' you can tell them about the background of your products and perhaps why  they need something like this and how it could really improve someone's life if they were to invest in it.

2 - Sharing information

If there is something exciting happening within your company you can also take steps to let your readers know about this. New products, sales, company updates, new additions to the team and much more. Selling is good but linking the information you send out to items in the news or celebrities is good because this information is often something that your readers can relate to and will find helpful.

3 - Promoting your products

With such easy access to a number of people who have an interest in your products it makes sense that you use this to generate sales and increase brand awareness. There is nothing wrong with mentioning your products in emails that you send out and encourage people to buy from you (calls to action work well) as long as this is within reason. Giving people a reason to sign up to your mailing list is always good - so perhaps promise early access to sales or exclusive promotion codes for people who sign up to your email list.

4 - Newsletter

It isn't appropriate for all businesses but sometimes it can really work to send out a newsletter. Of course this is something that shouldn't really be attempted too often - after all, how often can you really have relevant news to share? Try to break up the newsletter with fun sections such as quizzes or people from your team speaking, so that it isn't about just selling all of your products . If you are sign up to email marketing software then this will often have templates that you can make use of which can help you to put together the perfect newsletter.

The best strategy that you can have is to pay attention to the emails that you are sending and monitoring what is happening. By seeing what is working and what isn't you can then adapt your email marketing accordingly so that you can make sure that your strategy works for you as best as it can. It is all well and good putting together good emails, but sending them out in the wrong way isn't going to benefit your business at all. So be smart, pay attention to what you are doing which is the best strategy possible for ensuring  that your email marketing campaign is as successful as possible.

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