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Friday, October 3, 2014

How to kit out your new office for as cheap as possible

Office furniture tips
Office furniture does not have to cost a fortune
By Ben Livings

Furniture on a budget

When you are starting up a new office, money can be tight. Although you might want the latest office chairs and designer tables, you know that you have to be a lot more practical than that.

Start-up offices often need all kinds of furniture, from basic seats to desks and filing cabinets. That can cost a lot of money and is often counted as a significant part of your budget when planning your business start-up. If you need to furnish your office as cheaply as possible, there are some alternatives available and second-hand furniture could be your solution.

Second-hand office furniture

Second-hand furniture could be the solution that you need to resolve your problems. Pre-used office furniture can be found for much less than you would expect to pay for a brand new piece of furniture and it will allow you to buy items which you would not have been able to afford if they had been brand new. Second-hand office furniture can also be perfect for new additions to your business when the office is growing, allowing you to slot a table and chairs into any office without blowing the budget. You can also purchase reduced-price furniture as a quick way to fill an office, slowly replacing the cheaper furniture over time.

Desks and tables on a budget

Office desks and tables are often one of the most expensive investments for a new office, and so buying second-hand furniture can help to keep your office space in budget. There are several different types of desk to be had, from straight forward desks with a single set of drawers down one side, to wave desks and radial desks which are more designer, and can fit in with the themes of a modern office.

Chairs on a budget

You will also need to supply your new office with a number of chairs. How many chairs you will need exactly will depend on the size of the office, who will need chairs for work, and the size of the office. For example, a small office will only need desk chairs or operator chairs, while a larger space might also need visitor and meeting chairs, receptionist chairs, and canteen seating. Finding these seats in good condition is not as easy as locating well-made tables, and so it is important to rely on a company with a good reputation, and knowledge of office furniture.

Buying on a budget

Along with all other parts of your business start-up program, you will need to set a firm budget for buying your furniture, so you know exactly how much you are investing. Once bought for the business, this furniture becomes part of your assets, and so sticking to the budget is important, as it lets you know exactly how much you have in furniture and other removable items. Buying on a budget will also ensure that you don't overspend, and end up with furniture that you don't really need. You should also contact your local tax office to find out what of your second-hand office furniture can be written off as depreciation each year.

About the author: Ben Livings is the Director for second-hand office furniture company- Sadlers Farm Office Furniture. Ben thinks there is no need to spend a fortune on kitting out a new office and likes to offer advice to businesses on a budget.

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