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Friday, December 5, 2014

Apple Macintosh computers are 30 years old!

Can You Believe the First Mac Computer was released in 1984?
Early Apple Mcintosh computers
The first Apple Macintosh only had 128K of RAM
By Karen Harding

It was way back on 24th January 1984 that we saw the world’s very first Apple Macintosh, even before the original version of Microsoft’s Windows 1.0, which was released in 1985. The original Macintosh was unveiled by a very young Steve Jobs to an audience for the very first time; this unveiling has been dubbed the ‘The Magic Moment’.

The Original Apple Macintosh

The ‘compact’ – this word is used lightly - design left the audience of 1984 “oohing” and “ahhing”, as Steve Jobs lifted the computer with a single hand.  This advanced technology, which had an 8Mhz processor and 128K of RAM, came with a hefty price tag, and would cost the consumer $2,495. The expense of the first Apple Macintosh wasn’t unjust - it was one of the first computers made available to households and businesses that offered a graphical interface, something that had never been seen before. Before this outstanding piece of technology, it was impossible to use a computer without knowing codes and commands. Macintosh accomplished what others hadn’t – simplicity, and continues to do so to this day.

Mac Vs. Windows

The mid-eighties saw a fierce rivalry between the two computer giants, and still to this day the ‘Mac vs Windows’ argument is still rife across the internet, magazines and even between friends! Everyone seems to have a preference, and each person loyally sticks to their favourite system. However, as much as they are rivals, together Apple and Microsoft are nearly entirely responsible for the evolution of computing amongst the masses, whether at home or in the workplace. Even thirty years on, the market place in most definitely dominated by Mac and Windows, with the possible exception of Google’s Android operating system, when focusing on smartphones and tablets.

Tablets & Smartphones

In the past, Apple Mac have been slightly outdone by the Window’s PC, but in recent years Macs have been getting steadily more and more popular. It is becoming an increasingly common sight for businesses to opt for Apple products and invest in all kinds of devices, including Macs, iPhones and iPads. Both Apple phones and tablets have been significantly more successful than the Windows versions, but that is not to say that Windows is not upping the ante. The arrival of smartphones and tablets has encouraged corporations to continually develop operating systems that are creative, innovative and provide exciting new opportunities for consumers in a bid to improve their market share.

Long live Apple

Nowadays, it’s almost impossible to get through a day without seeing and Apple product. Not only have the team at Apple managed to build and nurture a brand that sees hundreds of thousands of consumers queue up days before the launch of a new product, but they have mastered how to market the brand with complete precision. Their secret to success? Well this is all down to opinion, but there seems to be a reoccurring theme – simplicity. Because, ‘if you haven’t got an iPhone, you haven’t got an iPhone’. Hats off to Apple and their marketing team, long may we benefit from their simple but ingenious technology.

About the author: Karen Harding is the Marketing Manager for Essex based Web and Software Development Company – Objective IT.

Image: author owned and licensed