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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Smartphone review - Is the iPhone 6 a true success?

By Daisy Burgess

It may seem strange that to ask whether the iPhone 6 and the larger iPhone 6 Plus are successful smartphones. After all, Apple has sold millions of both versions around the world and there has been no major recall or complaints apart from the notorious “bending” issue which has caught people’s attention.

In terms of sales and the lack of returns alone, the iPhone 6 is certainly a financial success that has made Apple tens of millions of dollars. However, if we view the iPhone 6 in historical terms as compared to its predecessors and how they have impacted consumers over time the results may be viewed differently.

What the iPhone 6 has accomplished

Pros and cons of Apple Inc.'s iPhone 6
The iPhone 6 is more technologically advanced than iPhone 5
Perhaps the biggest accomplishment is the fact that Apple purposely made the iPhone 6 to be a better, more improved version of the iPhone 5 rather than trying to revolutionize the workings of the phone itself. In somewhat of a departure for Apple which usually tries to do everything new with their iPhones, this was more of a case of doing things better.

The iPhone 6 has a greater storage capacity, more versatile video recording features, uses a better processor and is a bigger unit than the iPhone 5. Just these aspects alone make it a better phone than its predecessor. However, it is the combination of features in a practical device that make it a real advancement for the iPhone series in general.

The negative aspects of the iPhone 6

Despite its accomplishments, the iPhone 6 did not go controversy-free in terms of its release or subsequent usage thanks to a couple of factors.

Price: The cost of the iPhone 6 when it included the contract and all the other fees typical of smartphones was deemed somewhat high by many consumers. Naturally, a cost increase was expected so this is not much of a flaw, but it is still one that in a trying economy that was noticed by the public.

Bendgate: Appearing shortly after the initial release, a video surfaced that demonstrated if enough pressure was placed in the right spot, the iPhone 6 would actually bend noticeably. The thin design and all-aluminum frame appeared to allow more bending than was normal for such an expensive smartphone design.

However, subsequent tests have demonstrated that while this can be considered a flaw, the amount of pressure needed is such that people who simply avoid keeping the iPhone 6 in their pockets while sitting will not have this occur to them.

Overall, it must be considered at this point, barring some unknown flaw in the design that has yet to be revealed. The iPhone 6 must be considered a success in terms of advancing the Apple line and creating a solid, excellent phone that millions of people appreciate. While there have been issues, the complaints have been relatively few in comparison of the massive sales and customers who have been very appreciative of this series.

It will take considerable improvement for the iPhone 7 to be considered significantly better than this version which has enjoyed some real success.

About the author: Written by technology blogger Daisy Burgess. Smartphone details taken from Mobilyse Smartphone Review site

Image: Darwin Figueroa; "Possible iPhone6", CC BY-SA 2.0