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Friday, January 23, 2015

The 5 best cloud-based tools for modern businesses

By Gary Gould

1 – Sales Cloud
One of the most established cloud storage providers, Sales Cloud helps businesses achieve more leads by allowing them to monitor their marketing campaigns and automatically route leads to new sales.

Collaborate with team members and exploit social media

Sales Cloud technology includes innovative sales collaboration software, which helps businesses find the right resources and people to close deals via social media. With contact management, businesses can also get to know their customers better and utilise social media outlets to attract their target markets more efficiently.

2 – OpenCRM Business
OpenCRM prides itself on its advanced, flexible, familiar and clever approach to data software, helping businesses manage their customers without obstacles. The Business Plan enables up to 15 users to access a cloud system and provides 5GB of database storage in addition to an impressive 2TB of file storage. However, the Enterprise Plan allows up to 250 users to connect and offers a more generous 100GB of database storage.

3 – ADrive Online Storage

With ADrive Online Storage you can transfer files of up to 16GB safely with secure file transfer. Benefit from a minimum of 100GB capacity with the Business Plan and edit your documents online with innovative Zoho technology. You can also collaborate with other workers in the ADrive Cloud by enabling multi-user account access, and set storage quotas for each admin user as you wish.

4 – McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering

Nobody likes receiving suspicious messages or junk e-mail, especially when they already have to contend with dozens, or even hundreds of important e-mails on a daily basis. With the McAfee SaaS Email Inbound Filtering software, you can eliminate more than 99 percent of unwanted messages and dangerous malware.

Protect your business from criminals

You can streamline your service management and benefit from more than 20 layers of e-mail filtering, which will block almost all fraudulent e-mails, helping you keep your data and your clients' data safe. McAfee also offers support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which means businesses can get immediate help whenever they need it in order to keep any disruption to an absolute minimum.

5 – AppShore Team 3

Access comprehensive features like campaign tracking, email marketing, invoice management, sales opportunity management and mobile integration with AppShore Team 3 software. Up to three people can access the package and integrate files to manage their projects with greater ease. Integrate files with Outlook and other important business apps, and follow up on new sales leads faster to maximise your business's growth.

Use communications technology to consolidate your business growth

Cloud communications can be very cost-effective when you know what your business requires. Once you understand how to implement the right tools, you can attract new talent to your team, market your products and services to new customers and improve your staff’s productivity. These communications can practically do the job of an employee for a fraction of the price, providing specialist resources and insight that would be considerably more costly to acquire from a person.

About the author: Gary Gould is the Co-Founder of cloud ware comparison website- Compare Cloudware. Gary has worked within the technology and communications industry for over 20 years as well as having a wealth of experience in managing businesses of sizes.