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Friday, January 16, 2015

Ways to save money with technology in 2015

money and technology

Technology takes many forms: it can be a digital tool, existing only in the ether, or it can be a physical asset – one that you actually buy and hold in your hands. Both can enable you to accomplish all sorts of things that would otherwise be difficult or impossible. With a car, you can traverse hundreds of miles in a single day. A telephone allows you to traverse thousands in an instant. And a computer can put the whole history of human knowledge right at your fingertips. Technology, like “art” and “science,” is one of those phrases that encompasses big ideas, the imaginative and the practical.

But technology doesn't have to be grandiose. It can apply to simple things as well. One thing that people might not appreciate about technology is that it canhelp you save money. One often associates technology with money going out, not coming in. We're here to show you that that doesn't always have to be the case.

Apps – The new financial planners

There's little debate that the smartphone has become one of the defining inventions of the 21st century – it has revolutionized the way that we communicate, access information and media, and accomplish tasks, ranging from large to small. It should come as little surprise, then, that there are a wide range of mobile applications designed to meet people's financial needs. Appshave become, in effect, the financial planners of the new century (if not the new millennium).

Applications like Mint, LearnVest, and SavedPlus allow you to do everything from budget your expenses to set aside money from each and every purchase you make on a debit or credit card – seamlessly and with little to no effort. Some applications even include financial advisors that you can talk to over the phone, free of charge. In plain terms, these new mobile apps do the work for you. Download, install and reap the benefits. Yes, it might take a little bit of effort and due diligence on your part, but it's likely far easier than heading down to the bank every month. What do you have to lose?

Make your devices work for you – Be smart and save

The programs discussed above, and applications like them, are tools designed specifically for money management and financial planning. In that regard, they fill a very specific niche. However, it's also possible to save money simply by buying the right products. Your gadgets – be it a smartphone or a television – don't have to drain your wallet. There is a better way!

To save money both on devices, and with your devices, consider these simple steps: downsize, consolidate, bundle, and sync! Electronic devices are becoming more and more capable with each passing year – to the point that they're more powerful than they need to be for most people. The next time that you purchase a computer, consider what your actual needs are, and shop accordingly. The desire to have the latest, greatest and most powerful device available can be a strong one, but you very likely can get by with a less powerful, and more affordable, machine.

Syncing and bundling can help you save money too, by reducing your need for multiple services or products. Samsung has been a leader in this field; in fact, the number of sync device options available from Samsung are numerous. Syncing your gadgets is not only convenient – as it allows you to access information anywhere at any time – but it's practical too. Ditch the old-fashioned physical storage and start backing up to the Cloud, and your information will never be out of reach (and you'll likely save money in the process).

So what have we learned?

We've barely scratched the surface with the many ways that technology can help you save money over the next year. But this is certainly a good place to start. The important takeaway is that technology doesn't have to cost you money – it can help you save money. Remember, it's never too late to put that New Year's resolution into effect – get started today!