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Monday, January 5, 2015

What is all the fuss about casino sign-up bonuses?

By Paul Gray

What is a sign up bonus?

If you have recently visited an online casino or read up on any casino reviews online you may have come across the terms “Sign Up bonus”. It may not always be written as such, it could be labelled as:
  • Welcome Bonus
  • First Deposit Bonus
  • Match Bonus
  • Or any other catchy slogan
Now you may be thinking, why does a casino offer to give you money for free? Well the simple answer to this is the casino want to attract you and bring in new customers, as you are reading up on the casino or even on their website you are potentially a new customer therefore they would like to attract you into clicking the sign up button, so they do this by giving away free things, or giving you free money when you sign up.  Usually a casino would offer to match your initial deposit meaning you would have double the money to play with when you first start. You may not only see a sign up bonus at a casino as a lot of other companies do offer them, for example Master card.
Online gambling sign up bonuses
Online gambling sites use algorithms to determine payouts

Other types of sign up bonuses

There are many types of sign up bonuses other than Casino deposit bonuses, some casinos offer no deposit bonuses that will give you free cash before you even make a deposit. Which is pretty cool if you ask me, sign up bonuses give you all the more reason to want to join an online casino, if there isn’t enough already.

Now you may be thinking it can’t all be good and why do casinos really offer sign up bonuses? Just think, every casino is a business. It is like a mobile phone company. They give you deals to keep you using their network. Same rule applies for a casino, if they are to offer you deals and keep you playing on their site then you become a customer, and the number one rule in business is to keep the customers happy. From the player’s point of view, there is not really a down side to a sign up bonus. The more bonus money in your accounts, the better.

There are many other types of online bonuses which include:
  • Reload bonuses
  • Loyalty bonuses
  • High roller bonuses
  • Percentage match bonuses
  • Refer a friend bonus
  • Cash back bonus
For high roller bonuses, these are for people who spend plenty of money with them over time; they also like to give something to those who splurge on big one-off deposits. They usually offer a percentage bonus for large deposits usually over $800.

Now you may be wondering what cash back bonus is. A cash back bonus basically gives the player some of their money back. The money is given back to the players who have lost a great deal over a period of time during their gambling sessions. The way it works with most casinos is say you lose $1000 and your cash back was at 20% you would get back $200.Obviously if your account has a high number of wins the cash back rule usually doesn’t apply.

All in all

With what I have written about online casino bonuses and what others say about them across the internet we have learned that they can be very helpful, and if you are looking to start gambling at an online casino you should look into some of the best sign up offers available. More information can be found at casino city times. Just remember that with all great things there comes a fault some online casinos may limit how much you can withdraw after you have received a bonus. This happens more often with the no-deposit bonuses. Knowledge is key, the more you know the less chance you have of occurring a dilemma.

About the author: Paul Gray is an avid blogger. He has been writing for over 2 years and likes to cover all topics, he runs his own blog which you can find over at Infographics.

Image: John Seb Barber, "PKR.com" CC BY 2.0