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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Personnel practices for success

Data center employee safety
Safe data-center practices protect employees
Personnel safety and management is an essential part of maintaining a successful data center. Although the center should always prioritize success and growth, the safety of personnel is a vital part of encouraging better production and maintenance in the data center. Simple rules and changes can encourage growth and improve the success of the data center.

Label the cables

Labeling your cables will prevent mistakes that can damage information or slow down the maintenance of the center. Labels will reduce the number of mistakes that occur and can provide vital information that personnel need to avoid accidents or prevent injuries.

Put warning labels on any cables that are connected to a power source. Warning labels improve the safety of the workplace and provide accurate information about the risks that are associated with handling the cables. It is also important to label the hardware that is connected to the cable to prevent mistakes when the cables get tangled or mixed up.

Arrange a break room

Do not allow personnel to eat food or drink beverages in the data center. Provide a break room or a space that is separate from the computer equipment to limit the contaminants that can damage the hardware.

Limit authorization

Sensitive data or hardware should have limited accessibility by personnel and guests to protect the information that is stored in the center. Do not allow personnel to engage in activities or work that is not directly related to their responsibilities. It will improve the safety of the equipment and ensure that each individual is focused on his or her tasks. It also prevents guests from causing accidents.

Put protective coverings over emergency shut off switches

Although an emergency power off, or EPO, switch is essential for personnel safety, it can cause problems if the switch or button is pushed on accident. By putting in protecting coverings, the risk of accidents will reduce.

An EPO switch should also be labeled in several languages and every employee within the center should be aware of the location of the switch or button. Provide employees with training for emergency situations and when it is appropriate to use the EPO switch before they are allowed to work on projects.

Follow clear procedures and rules

Provide every employee with a clear description of the rules and procedures that they must follow. Clear procedures for different tasks and emergencies will prevent or reduce the risk of accidents or injuries. During training, personnel should learn the procedures for different situations and emergencies. Retain the safety of the data center by requiring additional training or refresher courses on a regular basis.

A successful data center is a safe environment that takes measures to ensure that personnel have the appropriate tools, equipment and training to avoid accidents and handle emergency situations.

By labeling your cables, setting clear rules and offering spaces for breaks, the risk of contamination or accidents can be reduced. A safe working environment can improve productivity and efficiency so that the data center is successful.
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