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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Promotional clothing as a marketing strategy

Marketing with clothes
Promotional clothing is tailored for target markets with style and preference 

By Daisy Burgess

Promotional clothing is a very effective tool used by many companies as part of their marketing strategy. During the summer time, corporate clothing such as T-shirts and baseball caps are being given as giveaway promotional items. In winter, woollen hats, fleeces and jackets are also given out. It is very important to make sure that the printed clothing that you are giving outfits the season. This is because you need to ensure that the recipients will actually wear it, thus displaying your marketing message.

Things to consider

There are many things that you also need to consider when creating promotional clothing. For one, you need to consider the colour. Most of the T-shirts that are used are white. On the other hand, most of the fleeces used are blue while jackets are often black. Since these are often referred to as the standard options, they are often the cheapest available. If you want your promotional clothing to standout, you can may want to choose a colour that falls in line with your band identity, although you may end up paying a premium for these colour options. The best ones for corporate clothing are those that carry the colours of your company logo.

Be sensible with your design

At the same time, it is very important to make sure that you product is unisex. This means that you can choose to use colours that are neutral, since your promotional clothing is expected to be worn by both men and women. If your campaign focuses only on a certain gender, then this is a situation where you would want to separate the market, otherwise use neutral colours to guarantee you are not left with wastage.

Size matters

Your corporate clothing will be handed out to different people with different shapes. Make sure that you have different sizes available that can cater to these shapes and sizes. One of the many reasons why they are effective is that they can simply be loosely worn or adjusted, the cheaper items will likely end up as pyjama tops. You may also consider this when creating your design and clothing.

The use of promotional clothing will allow you to effectively display your brand identity or company logo. For instance, if you use a t-shirt, you may either print on the front or the back or even both. Of course, you may expect that the price of the product is affected by this choice too. However, you can also think of the potential impact that this can bring your strategy too.

Choose the correct item to brand

Also, take into consideration that the different types of promotional clothing will also provide you with a bigger space for you to display the details of your company. Hats and caps, for instance, are smaller in nature, thus are often limited. On the other hand, corporate clothing such as jackets and t-shirts will have a bigger area for you to effectively deliver your marketing message, thus you can expect a more effective campaign.

About the author: Article by Daisy Burgess Promotional Products and Branding Expert - Details taken from Stupid Tuesday Promotional Gear

Image: Jpquidores, "Example of indoor summer display" CC BY-SA 3.0