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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Data centers and the need for them to be more eco-friendly

eco-friendly data centers
Earth-friendly data centers reduce the industrial carbon footprint
By Katrina

According to President Obama, we each have a role to play in the battle to be more earth – friendly. We need to turn off lights when they aren’t being used and unplug chargers when our devices are charged. In case you forget, all of our instant connectivity, entertainment and information right at our fingertips – all of this requires massive amounts of energy. The more that people connect to the web, the larger the job is for data centers. See, the bigger job that the data centers have, the more energy is necessary for them to operate…this then means that data centers are constantly running the risk of increasing instead of decreasing their carbon footprint. Consider this…behind all of our online experiences are global networks, cloud based services and data centers that are hosted on massive servers across the planet. Each of these online activities has a price tag when it comes to energy and a detrimental effect on our planet’s health.

Data centers that are Web scaled – Such as the government – are committed to being green

Last year, in March, Obama signed an executive order that laid out what his vision of sustainability is for the coming decade. It began this fiscal year. This executive order only targeted government facilities and their infrastructure and the part that concerned improving the energy efficiency of data centers made a bold statement regarding green initiatives. His measures called for federal CIOs to promote energy optimization for data centers in terms of their performance and efficiency. It also stated that the government would be responsible for installing and monitoring advanced energy meters in every data center by the beginning of fiscal year 2018. It also established PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) targets from 1.2 – 1.4 for brand new data centers and PUE targets of less than 1,5 for data centers already in existence.

Private sector

In this area, there is an aggressive push for green data centers. Companies such as Intel, Google and Facebook are moving to expand mobile web use and connectivity while they are also working towards decreasing their carbon footprint.

Do the right thing

These developments are definitely a bit of good news, there are also green strategies that data center operators can employ right now that will have a great impact on reducing the consumption of energy as well as on expenditures for cooling.

For one thing, boosting the management of airflow can give data centers a reduction in their consumption of energy by 40%. They can also consolidate their servers, which is stipulated in the executive order, and this will give them a reduction in the consumption of energy from 10% to 40%. Cooling costs can be cut by a whopping 60% simply by raising the internal temperatures for the data centers. If they explored and implemented some of the more innovative technologies for cooling, they can actually end up using 95% less when it comes to energy.

This is not just a good thing…it is the right thing for both the professional and the personal activities that we have on the Internet. It is also the right thing for the metropolises, towns, and neighborhoods that make up our global environment and community.

About the author: Katrina is a product specialist, solving issues for your computer server and power needs at Racksolutions.com

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