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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

How important is your management team?

Business management
Effective management achieves business objectives while coordinating employee team work

By  Amira Chugunova

Your business growth is a direct result of the effectiveness of your business management. Management should be able to create profit and employment opportunities. These opportunities should ensure future growth of the business and provide financial security to the business. However, most of the people don’t see the importance of management processes and they focus mainly on the end product and output.

Benefits of motivating employees are much higher than strictly focusing on product quality improvement and delivering more output by minimizing costs. In the short-term, this will increase profits but in the long-term, it will negatively affect the workplace environment.

Most of the businesses highlight amazing creations and ideas by company founders, yet they tend to forget a crucial role that management plays in these environments. Managers engage in a series of planning processes to develop an idea and create a successful company. This planning phase is equally important for small businesses as it is for large businesses.

Stress balance

Today, our work life can easily create unnecessary stress in our lives. Employees are required to do more within their work day that can disrupt their personal life and greatly affect their performance and productivity. Management should be able to tackle this issue and create a balance in employees’ life. A more productive environment ensures business growth and benefits everyone in return. Because of this, managers should be able to effectively delegate tasks with respect to people’s personal life and obligations.

Effective communication

Communicating effectively has a major role in making the business successful. Employees should feel comfortable to share their opinions about changes and how it affects their work. Open communication is the best way to learn about employees’ reaction to changes and find a way to solve any evolving issues before it’s too late.

Management needs to be able to communicate with employees and respond effectively if there is a concern. Ineffective and unresponsive management is a major sign of instability within your firm. Management should also be able to respond quickly to any market changes. Otherwise, your business might be heading for a failure. You can develop a checklist of frequent issues raised by employees that should be addressed by the management. The sooner you address these issues, the quicker your firm will grow. If management is inefficient in their work, adjustments to the management should be made.

Building a team

A well-organized and productive team is the key for proper functioning of an organization. Your organization should strive to accomplish respect for the team leader and for the skills that team members offer. Members should work well together and help each other in areas of weaknesses. All members should understand the importance of their role in a company and in a specific project. There should be a visible sense of team spirit during projects.

Conflict resolution

Regardless of your company and team members, conflict is more than likely to happen within your organization. Management should be able to control the conflict and resolve any issues within the organization. Implementing specific procedures and policies helps in controlling conflicts. However, management is the key to establish long-term good relations between employees and control the conflict energy from spilling into all areas of an organization. This is the true measure of organization’s health and success.

A firm will survive and prosper if management is capable of motivating, rewarding and encouraging employees to be a part of a bigger picture. Management needs to show the importance of a team and each employees’ contributions to ensure long-term work satisfaction and company’s profitable performance.

About the author: Amira Chugunova is a business and technology writer with a focus on team productivity and collaboration.

Image: Pixabay/Geralt; CC0, US-PD