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Monday, September 26, 2016

3 reasons property managers should have trees pruned

Trimming trees on your rental property should be a part of the regular maintenance program. It should also be done as a preventative measure to keep trees healthy on the property.

Tree branches should be trimmed when they're dead or diseased. The best time to trim branches is in the winter. Traditionally, property owners will trim trees in the spring, but that's when the tree is pushing out buds. That energy can't be easily directed to healing cuts from branch pruning. Winter is also when it can cost less to hire a tree pruning service.

Why do you need to trim branches?

You should be inspecting the trees on the property every few months looking for broken, dead or diseased branches since they can cause safety hazards. There are three more reasons that trees should be pruned.

1. Clearance around the building

Trimmed trees enhance beauty and safety
There are times when trees are too close to the buildings. As a good rule, there should be at least 10 feet of clearance between the trees and any buildings on the property.

The trees closest to the building should be trimmed completely, not just on the side closest to the building.Trim all sides of the tree to get a uniform shape to the tree. Otherwise, when the tree grows, it could end up being lopsided and off-balance. Make sure the trimming doesn't look strange from the side.

If you're unsure of the best way to trim the tree for the best shape, have an arborist consult with you about your tree trimming maintenance or hire a company that will perform the service for you.

2. Accessible parking for customers or tenants

Whether your property is commercial or residential, tenants, customers or visitors will need clearance for their vehicles. Tree branches can often overwhelm parking lots. They grow over parking spots and create a hazard for vehicles. If there are vans and trucks frequenting the parking lot, they could block visibility for drivers.

The trees should not obstruct any security lighting, so that customers and tenants are safe at night. Safety in a parking lot can be a huge concern.

Even if the trees are not directly overshadowing the parking lot, they should be trimmed to avoid branches that might break and fall on vehicles or pedestrians.

3. Trees can block visibility

If your property is a retail business, trees can block the signs of the businesses on the property. There should be good visibility and sight lines for traffic. Customers will need to find the business' sign and address to shop there. When customers have a hard time finding a business, they'll shop elsewhere for convenience.

Residential property signs should be visible from the street too. House numbers or community names on buildings can be blocked by trees with too many overhanging branches. While trees are beautiful for landscaping, they can create a messy front of the property when they're not trimmed.

Tree trimming should be done by all property managers as part of routine maintenance before there are any issues with broken or hanging branches. You want to avoid an accident or blocking of the tenant's enjoyment of the space. Be proactive and hire a professional if needed.

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Images: 1. http://nyphotographi.com CC BY-SA 3.0;  2. Peter Griffin, US-PD