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Monday, September 26, 2016

Environmentally conscious outfit brands

Sustainable clothing is Earth friendly and environmentally conscious
Dress made of recycled book pages
By Jennifer Broflowski

We all love fashion, but it’s no secret that there have been some pretty murky practices in the clothing industry over the years – Sweatshops, animal furs and hides, and unchecked pollution are just some examples. However, certain brands are taking a stand against harmful practices these days, so we thought we’d give you some student advice on the best brands to shop with:

ASOS Eco Edit

For a one-stop shop solution to eco-friendly shopping, log on to Internet fashion retail giant ASOS in the Eco Edit range. Every brand and item in the range conforms to a set of strict guidelines set out by ASOS on fair trade, employment rights and sustainability, so you know that you can shop away with a clear conscience! There a huge range of ASOS-branded wear as well as other designer labels, so there’s plenty to choose from.

H&M Conscious

H&M’s Conscious Collection is built around seven principles, which are: To provide fashion for conscious customers; choose and reward responsible partners; be ethical; be climate smart; reduce, reuse and recycle; use natural resources responsibly; and finally, to strengthen communities. This includes not using any real furs or leathers, or skincare products tested on animals, avoiding products made with harmful chemicals, and only working with partners who treat workers fairly.


Monsoon is all about the rights of workers, both at home and internationally. The brand boasts an ethical compliance team dedicated solely to making sure that all of their production facilities around the world adhere to its strict Code of Conduct. The Code of Conduct sets out minimum requirements on working conditions, levels of pay and workers’ rights. This way you can buy their products safe in the knowledge that they have never come from a sweatshop!


Loomstate is a brand that has developed sustainability as a core principle of their brand from the outset. A key part of this is using exclusively organic cotton in all of their products. The reason for this is that organic cotton avoids the use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides that are responsible for poisoning the earth and killing bees. In addition, cotton seed as a byproduct of cotton farming is used to feed cows, so the organic cotton seeds from Loomstate’s cotton goes to feed organically-raised cows.

Freedom of Animals

With a name like this, you kind of get the idea! This brand is committed to producing stylish and fashionable accessories using strictly vegan practices, which means no leather at all. Their cruelty-free luxury bags are made using materials comprised of organic cotton and recycled polyurethane, which is a safer alternative to PVC. The plastic linings in the bags are made from recycled water bottles, and the zippers are recycled metals. It doesn’t get much greener than this!

Eco-conscious fashion isn’t just for the Earth – it makes business sense as well, as more and more people are getting wise to irresponsible industry. You can take a stand with your choices in fashion as well, and speak with your wallet by only choosing earth-friendly brands. This is more like killing two birds with one stone – fashion and environmental conservation awareness. 

About the author: The author is really into giving any kind of student advice to make life in college more pleasant and unique.

Image: Ryan Jude Novelline; The Golden Book Gown; CC BY-S.A 3.0