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Friday, November 18, 2016

The pros and cons of going to college

Many employers require a bachelor's degree
Education makes expanded career opportunity possible
By Joseph Sartori

Today, more and more young people raise the question of whether higher education is really necessary for building a successful career. Unfortunately, a diploma does not guarantee you a well-paid job. Universities do not teach how to become rich and famous. What if students spend a minimum 4 years of their lives and all the parents’ money for nothing? Why is it that so many college graduates have to work in lower positions, which they could get right after high school? We will answer these questions and make our own list of pros and cons of going to college.

The advantages of graduating from college

1. Higher education increases income level

This conclusion is noted in various studies conducted by the leading scientists from different countries. According to the data reported by American researchers, a bachelor’s degree allows you to earn up to 50% more than an average high-school graduate who has no college diploma. Moreover, studies show that in 5 years 65% of all jobs available will require postsecondary education. However, you should not expect that college degree will guarantee you a decent standard of living. There are lots of occupations which require practical knowledge that can be obtained only by working in the specific area.

2. Networking

If you want to find a job after graduation, you should start making useful connections during your undergraduate years. The best way to do that is to get an internship. It is a perfect opportunity to test your academic knowledge in real conditions. Plus, you get the chance to show off your intelligence and skills and earn the reputation of a reliable and efficient employee. An internship can also help you make career beneficial friendships. Universities provide a wide range of internship programs that can help students with job placement.

3. Higher education develops communication skills

University is an amazing place. You can hardly find an area with similar accumulation of the most diverse, talented and interesting young people. That is why it provides perfect opportunities for mastering the skill of communication. You get to make the connection to people from various countries, with innumerable cultures and types of characters. By the way, the friendships made in college last a lifetime.

4. College encourages students to explore their interests

Everyone knows that students live a fun life. They do it by participating in the various events held in the university. Scientific, language and art clubs, all kinds of social organizations and music bands – they are an inseparable part of students’ life. Therefore, if you come to the University, be prepared to participate in various competitions, shows, quizzes, etc.

5. University is a place for self-improvement and professional development

You will start your independent life. And even though your parents will worry about their little bird flying every from the nest and facing the problems all alone, this is your rite of passage from childhood to adulthood.

The Disadvantages of Graduating College

1. Academic degrees don't guarantee a well-paid job

Actually, the only thing that can secure your successful career is your personal commitment, hard work, and luck. Higher education is just a supporting tool, a kind of alpenstock to conquer the career heights. If you choose this path, make sure you focus on your core subjects. Don’t waste your time on too many disciplines. Most of them will mean nothing for your future occupation. In order to spend more time studying your major, you can use the services of assignment writers. They will make your life easier and guarantee high results.

2. High price

Going to college is expensive, so if your parents haven’t saved enough money for your education, you’ll have to contribute to the $1.2 trillion student-loan debt in the US. Of course, you may be lucky to receive a financial aid that can partially cover the debt; however, it will still affect your life in a negative way. The statistics show that because of the debt many students are forced to postpone marriage and parenthood.

3. Some occupational sills are impossible to obtain in college

There are jobs, which can be obtained only after taking the appropriate training programs, for instance, gas-plane operator, commercial pilot, cable installer, etc. These occupations are considered to be highly paid. They offer wages that are equal to or greater than $60,100 per year. To be hired for any of these positions you don’t need to graduate college. Yet, you must get some on-job training which may last for a few months.

Taking all the above mentioned into consideration I can state that there are lots of pros and cons of going to college. Higher education may give you a good start of adult life, but it is not obligatory for wealthy future. When making a choice about going to college or not, you should consider your financial situation and specificity of the occupation you want to acquire.

About the author: My name is Joseph Sartori. I began as a journalist, but now I work as a freelance writer.

Image: Charly Karl/Flickr, "Education Concept" CC BY-ND 2.0