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Monday, January 30, 2017

How more efficient applicant screen will affect your job search

By Craftresumes Community

Like any other aspect of life, the professional life largely depends on how you use technology. Considering the tremendous competition that the professional life features, adopting the right technology and applications, you can definitely gain an edge over your professional competitors.

The paragraphs underneath will discuss how More Efficient Applicant Screen Will Affect Your Job Search.

The right technology will enable you to find out those job openings that gets filled without advertisements.

As for facts and figures, in 2012, about 4 million jobs opening across the world were staffed even without releasing formal advertisements. The question is how the successful aspirants manage to explore the opportunity and eventually made it successfully. That happened mainly through personal and corporate networking that enable the best talents to connect with the available opportunities.

1/5 of the applicant eventually gets the interview calls.

A research shows that only about 20% of the applicants get the call to attend the personal round of interview. With that said, you can make out how rigorous and stringent are the employers when it comes to short listing the candidates from the pool of the applicants. This is one of the gallant instances to establish how More Efficient Applicant Screen Will Affect Your Job Search. With that said, you inevitably need to adopt the latest technological orientations and practices to gain an edge over your competitors.

The majority of the companies adopt software to screen the job applications.

In today’s time, the hiring managers massively adopt the application and software for talent management to screen and shortlist candidates from the pool of the total applicants. This software will match the points in the application with the parameter set by the recruiter and will automatically pick those profiles that match the most with their set parameters. Hence, adopting efficient application screen turns inevitable on the part of the applicants. It is for the reason that if they don’t, they will simply get outpaced by their competitors. It will turn impossible for them to get a call to attend the interview, leave apart the chances of bagging the job.

The more opportunities you get, the better it is for you.

In today’s time, recruiters give a great importance on networking to source talents for their open positions. In that regard, they emphasize on the social media platforms to canvas their jobs and attract the best of the available talents. Getting to the other side of the picture, a prospective job applicant needs to tap those opportunities and the more you can do that it will be better for you. In addition, you need to use a resume writer help for writing a successful resume. Hence, adopting the prevailing technological aspects and orientations are not a matter of choice but a mere compulsion. It holds true for the employers as well as the job applicants. In either of these capacities, if you are not adopting the contemporary technology, you get outpaced by your competitors who will tap the best talents ahead of you or bag the job, before you get to know about it.

A prime condition for success is that you adopt yourself with the prevailing trends and you can successfully foresee the emerging trends.

With that said, you need to be savvy with the prevailing trends and keep looking for the forthcoming concepts to gain an edge over your competitors. An efficient employment screen will enable a recruiter to tap the best of talents. On the other hand, the prospective job seekers can tap more such opportunities. Most importantly, both these parties can do these tasks ahead of their closest competitors. Hence, adopting effective and efficient employment screen is an inevitable task for the organizations and the job seekers alike.

About the author: This article was written by Craftresumes Community.