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Friday, June 23, 2017

Benefits of using dedicated server hosting for your business

benefints of using dedicated server hosting

By Tom Miller of Inxy.Hosting

First of all, let’s discuss what a dedicated server is? Why you need one? And what is the difference between a dedicated and a shared hosting server?

A dedicated hosting server is required when your business over the internet has grown substantially, there is a lot of traffic ob your website, and now you need you increase it further for that you need a dedicated server, but what is a dedicated server? To simply say, it is a type of internet hosting that the client rents from the dedicated server provider and have exclusive control over the server’s resources that includes control, exclusivity of server resources, reliability & performance, better security, power, and front-end excellence.

Why do you need a dedicated server? Lets says that you own an online store and you’ve invested much in this business, time and money both, and now your online store is among the leading e-stores in the country, but you don’t want to stop there. You want to push your business forward until your e-store is No.1 in your country but for that you need a secure web address, flexibility of hardware and exclusivity of resources that is complete control over the usage of bandwidth, programs and scripts of your choice, etc. All this is necessary if you want your business to grow.

Now, what is the difference between a dedicated and a shared hosting service, let's say you’re new in the online business, with little experience in this market. Hence the shared server hosting is best for you, as your business is small, with little investment, therefore, a shared hosting server is cheap to get, but it has its limitations as well, the limitations may include shared disk space, CPU time and memory. You will be sharing all these resources with other people on that server as well.

To simply explain the difference between a shared and dedicated server hosting is like when you rent an apartment (Shared server). You have to share it with people living in it. Thus all the resources of that apartment, like electricity, water, parking, etc. are being shared by all the residents but when you own a house all by yourself (Dedicated server) then the house as well all its resources are solely yours. The power, the control, you set the rules of your house and manage it accordingly. The analogy of housing is perfect in the sense that it explains the difference between a dedicated and a shared server. We in the beginning often rent small apartments and then, later on, go purchasing our own individual house. The server hosting is very similar, in the beginning, it is the perfect solution for people who are starting small, with micro businesses. Eventually, their business grows creating the need for more power, control, functionality, and customization that a dedicated server hosting can provide you with.

dedicated servers

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server comes along with many advantages which are crucial for your growing business; almost every dedicated server has these benefits which I have mentioned below.

1.       Flexibility.

The best thing about a dedicated server hosting is the flexibility that it offers, there are almost infinite ways regarding how you can configure it. But for that, you need to have absolute technical knowledge in order to make your website run the way you want it to be. You can have an expert look into this, admittedly a small setback over the huge advantages of a dedicated server where you can run things according to your wish.

2.       Control.

The second best thing about a dedicated server hosting is that you have complete control over the entire server. You are literally taking the aspects of your online business in your own hands. The capacity of the performance of your website will be up to the maximum with no interference of anyone’s activity that can lower your progress rate, which is usually the case in shared server hosting, in dedicated server hosting you are the sole client of the entire server.

3.       Power

Let’s say that you’ve struck an oil well and your website is a huge success with massive traffic and thousands of visitor hits per day, or there can be another reason that your website is engaged in specialist online activities that can be app development. Therefore in order to manage all that you will require some serious processing power and that is only accessible through dedicated server hosting which has services such as their unlimited disk space and bandwidth.


4.       Support

Another advantage of dedicated server hosting is that they provide you with 24/7 technical support 365 days a year. You don’t need to invest in the infrastructure as the server provider will take care of that, they will place your server in data centers that are managed exclusively by themselves.

5.       Reliability

When you’re running a huge online business you need to take care of your clients and their needs; no client will sit and wait as your website pages slowly load, that will result in losing clients. If your pages load quickly and smoothly, your clients will frequently visit your website. A dedicated server is capable of handling high traffic and high-speed network connectivity at the same time, after all, they do justice for their price.

6.       Security

You can’t run a high-end online business at the risk of being hacked, but you don’t need to worry. A dedicated server offers you complete protection against viruses, malware, and hacks. This is the era of cyberspace where cyber crimes are committed. Therefore many people opt for dedicated server hosting services because of the security it provides.

7.       Front-End Excellence

If you choose a dedicated web server hosting, then without a doubt the visitors of your website will have the best possible experience, no matter if it's logging in or out, browsing or accessing information. Which is important if your website has a busy online store or an e-commerce dimension or anything that deals with large financial transactions.

The network of dedicated server hosting providers are spread throughout the world, and the biggest is Europe, which is only second to North America regarding network size. Europe dedicated servers provide high quality for a low price with a vast choice to be hosted in different countries which will cover major cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt.


Dedicated servers only have one drawback, that they are expensive to rent and have a hefty price but all in all the advantages of a dedicated server weigh much more than this one minor setback, besides the price for a dedicated server is justified by the solutions offered by it. If you’re only a small timer in the online business than shared server hosting will do the trick for you, but if you’re a giant in the field of e-commerce, and online business and marketing strategies then dedicated server is the only way for you to go.

Even today much large online companies are moving to the cloud and relying on shared inexpensive hosting options, but soon they will realize that they can not run their business on shared resources with low power and inadequate security. Then the dedicated server hosting will provide them with all the requirements they are searching for, as every growing business needs a robust infrastructure which dedicated servers can provide.
About the author: Content provided by Tom Miller, marketing manager of inxy.hosting