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Monday, November 20, 2017

How not to botch your POS system

The point of sales are one of the most recent technological advancementsThe POS refers to a shop or retail store with a cashier counter/a checkout point or any other location where such transactions take place. Similarly, it can apply to an original or traditional point of sale. Additionally, it includes but not limited to scales and pole displays, receipt printers, barcode scanners, touch-screen displays, and electronic cash register systems. They are utilized in various industries ranging from restaurants to stadiums. Such systems are offered by a large number of companies. If you are interested in implementing Clover POS System through Merchant Account Solutions, here are a few tips to not botch your point of sales systems;
1.    Your System Must Have These Qualities: Your POS system must have these five key qualities: (1) Checkout Tools: the system must include auto-pricing and scanning to improve accuracy; (2) Employee Management: the system must comprise features for tracking employee hours, payroll and schedules; (3) Customer Management: your system should collect valuable information from the customers for loyalty programs; (4) Inventory Management: your system need to feature tedious inventory counting and reordering; and (5) Sales Reporting and Analytics: your system should also offer transparency in the business data. 
2.    Staff Engagement from the Start of the Selection Process: You must work on pinpointing the main points of your staff for understanding the qualities that your company or business needs the most in the POS system. For example, if you are running a food point and your staff complains about lack of communication in the kitchen, then you must provide functionality to support the communication process of your business. 
3.    Train Your Staff: You must train your staff about how to use the POS system correctly. It will save you time and money in the future. This training can be done through online resources such as support forums and knowledge bases. Another option can be the instructor-led courses. Additionally, you can train only one individual from the staff, i.e. a point person, who will then train the rest of the team members. 
4.    Launch POS Mobile System: You should also launch POS mobile system as you implement the basic POS system. It is a big change. It allows you to adopt newfound mobility by dealing with the customers in taking and placing orders and making payments right at their doorsteps. However, you would need to train your staff to enjoy the operational benefits of the POS mobile system. Remember, along with its benefits there are a few drawbacks too.
5.    Setting up Security Measures: You need to involve technically with your POS system as well. Security ought to be the first concern. One method to achieve it is to purchase an EMV (EuropayMastercard, and Visa) complaint system. It assists you in keeping record of the transactions being made on your system. Compliance is the key to ensure good performance of this system. Another option can be the safe measures to deter theft byyour staff. It notifies about the suspicious number of voids or no-sales within a given amount of time. It prevents the staff from giving away free food or drinks to friends or other random people.