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Sunday, March 18, 2018

Is it too late to buy and invest in Cryptocurrency?

“Bitcoin-Bubble” is what we hear most of in the news of this cryptocurrency. It is a little unfair it is singled out and portrayed this way when there are over 1,000 cryptocurrencies which come and which go. 

BTC is undoubtedly the biggest name in cryptocurrencies, however, “pro-rata” there are other currencies where the value drops or indeed rises at a much higher level. 
These are overshadowed by BTC and from an investor’s standpoint, it is these that should be sought out rather than turning more attention to BTC as the next cryptocurrency to buy.

Future Cryptocurrency Investments

Any investor should not only rely on the current trend, which is apparently Bitcoin. This being said, it is still a worthy inclusion in anyone’s portfolio due to its past performance. 
It also dictates what happens to the value of many other cryptocurrencies, so if BTC rises, so do the others.
What investors need to do is search out other altcoins which have great potential. Here are a few which are worthy considerations to add to your portfolio of cryptocurrency investments.

Bitcoin Cash

This was created by a fork in BTC and increases the size of blocks on the Blockchain that can be produced. With this Bitcoin, Cash can have more transactions performed in the same amount of time.

With an increase of block size also came the removal of Segwit. This was done to hopefully help the coin perform on par with PayPal and Visa type transactions.


This is a BaaS platform (Blockchain as a Service) where Blockchains are hosted within the cloud. The need for a full blockchain client is eliminated which frees up resources for enterprises who wish to develop blockchain applications.

Stratis focuses on ease of use through the use of a one-click solution. Custom sidechains can be created and deployed with numerous out of the box features.


Being a decentralized eco-system, it has been designed to help increase user adoption of all the Blockchain technologies. With a few clicks, users and businesses are able to create their own Blockchain. 

With their solution, users can traverse varying Blockchain’s when transactions are performed. These “SmartBridges” put Ark as the intermediary which enables the various components to talk to each other. Unlike BTC miners the network is secured by delegates of which there are hundreds of potentials. 

A continual voting process occurs in the system with only 51 of these delegates being able to partake.


This coin is still under substantial development, and as with all other cryptocurrencies it is affected by the rises and falls of value. Skycoin might have one advantage up its sleeve as it offers something entirely new compared to other cryptocurrencies.

Many coins are based on financial transactions. SKY is very different. There is the SKY coin which can be traded as any

Howeverthey aim to fully realize the vision of Satoshi. Their coin requires no mining, they have a new consensus algorithm,and they have a new internet. 

A new internet is a vast undertaking, and Skywire which is the mesh-network part of SKY has dedicated nodes that are responsible for the forwarding of bandwidth and providing the network services. 

When it comes to transactions, there are no fees, and they are fast and secure.


This is the token which you can buy and sell as per any other cryptocurrency. It is primarily used for the blockchain based social media platform Steemit

Here users who publish their content receive incentives when their content is up-rated. The better your content, the more chance you have of getting a higher incentive. 

Steem varies from BTC as it is another token which requires no mining. These tokens are automatically generated and handed out to users who are actively engaged on the Steemit platform. 

The one advantage of Steemit over other forms of content sites is authors are directly paid for their content without any reliance on advertising revenue.

All of the above bring something different and are vying for their place to be one of the largest cryptocurrencies this year and onward. 

Each has their own merits, and for any investor, the choice is up to them. Services which offer the best to meet people’s needs will survive, and weather the current storms cryptocurrencies face.

It might not have a bearing on anything or make it a better investment opportunity, but all of the above coins are rolled out. SKY has yet to show its true colors, so the storms which hang over all the other altcoins could be missed, on the other hand, they could miss the boat altogether.

Is it too late to invest? Not at all, now we are seeing new applications coming to the fore which add real value to the masses.