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Monday, April 16, 2018

10 signs you’ve partnered with the right agency for financial planning

Financial planning is one of the biggest decisions you make to secure you and your family’s future. Thus, such decision should not be taken lightly and made in haste. You need to put in a lot of thought into how you want to go about your choices.

What one needs during this time of confusion and indecision is good, sound advice. Opinions coming from professionals as well as helpful tips from subject matter expert are exactly what you need to come to the right conclusion. Good financial planning is backed up by a great agency. 
But the first, real problem lies on how you can tell agencies apart – which ones are good and which ones are, well, the opposite. Here are 10 signs to know whether you’ve got yourself a gem or not:

1. You know they’re good when they hide nothing

Transparency is always a good telltale sign that a company can be trusted. They don’t try to hide anything from you – especially when it comes to fees and charges. They run you through everything you need to know. All minute details are disclosed so you don’t have to be worried about being kept in the dark!

2. Good agencies are honest agencies

What you need is an agency that holds the virtue of honesty close to heart. They don’t try to deceive, lie, or cheat you out of anything. They completely disclose the inclusions and limitations of your policy – even at the expense of making the policy look less favorable.

3. They put forth the best packages they have

Some agencies will have you start on something generic and later introduce you to top-ups you can add on to your policy when in fact, you could have just gotten it included in your package in the first place! Good agencies don’t try to hide these things from you just to make you pay more. After thoroughly assessing your profile, the agency should already have an idea of what package inclusions will most benefit you and create your policy according to what fits your needs primarily. 

As Garrett Planning Network’s very own Sheryl Garret says “A great planner needs to get clients to explore all reasonable opportunities.” Note that the keyword in this line is “reasonable.” And by dictionary definition, reasonable means sound judgment. Anything done in excess or the lack thereof, is considered unreasonable.

4. If they think you don’t need it, then you don’t need it

In addition to my preceding point, good agencies will not try to sell you something that they know you have no use for. When you feel like your current agency is trying to convince you into buying all sorts of policy riders, it’s probably best to back away and contract with another agency. There’s a good chance they’re just with you for your money. And here’s how you find out: https://www.howtosavemoney.ca/11-signs-your-financial-advisor-is-robbing-you-blind-and-how-to-stop-it

5. Good agencies are like good friends

It’s really great if you can form closer relationships with the people working behind your policy. And good agencies find ways to make this happen too! They see policy holders more than just tools to grow their business. They see them as partners who’re working with them to achieve a shared goal which is financial freedom. Some websites, like https://www.evolutiontownsville.com.au/, even have their agents readily available for financial consultations via email. 

6. They won’t suggest something that isn’t tested and proven

Good agencies will offer you policy packages that have worked for thousands of clients they’ve had before. They will not let you plunge into an investment when they know that the chances of it returning or growing are low. Instead, they will introduce you to stable opportunities to help you grow your money.

Here’s an article that shows us a way financial plans can be tested.

7. They don’t drop communication the moment they’re done selling

This is actually a very common thing in the Financial Planning industry. They woo you until you contract with them then 6 months later leave you hanging in the air. They don’t check up on you anymore nor give you status updates about your investment account. Even if you visit them directly in the office, they’re too busy to bother with you. Good agencies won’t imitate this kind of practice. You are a valuable client to them – and you will always be.

8. Your concerns are always welcome and never a nuisance

The thing about service agencies is that they can get fed up of people. And although I can more or less get where they’re coming from, I still think customer service should still come first before your own personal social issues. Talking to people, listening to their concerns, and getting yelled at by emotionally-sensitive clients is aggravating, we know. But that doesn’t mean you should ignore them completely or lack the enthusiasm to talk with them when they need you. 

Good agencies know what they signed up for and they won’t easily concede to problematic client behavior. They will always find a way.

9. You are kept up-to-date



Recent updates, changes in policy rules, and the newest offers are always made known to clients – that is an overarching rule in good agencies. No one is kept in the dark. As mentioned in the previous numbers, transparency and good work ethic are some of the things they strongly uphold. 

Furthermore, you are regularly notified about the status of your investments either through email, snail mail, or phone. You are also kept well-informed about fluctuations in the economy and how it affects your financial investment.

10. Great agencies give truthful inputs

Lastly, great agencies will give you advice – truthful advice. They will let you know when everything’s going fine or when something feels amiss. They will tell you when you are making a wrong decision in spite of their own personal gains. And give you feasible and reliable advice instead. 

When you are faced with problems, they offer you viable solutions. And your inquiries are never seen as pesky. Great agencies are those that genuinely help you find ways to win in this financial race!

If you’re still wondering what a great financial planner will do for you, this article can be your next read!