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Moneycation is a personal finance and small-business management blog intended to provide readers with useful and up-to-date information. It has received over 1 million page views, has thousands of published reference articles and seeks to promote financial awareness by clearly delivering helpful and applicable knowledge, tips and techniques in addition to frequent financial news updates. 

This website is also a place for financial writers, businesses, bloggers and readers to work together to inform consumers and businesses. The blog is a member of the Finance Blog Network, and guest bloggers that submit approved articles are able to market their own blogs via back-links. Individuals and organizations seeking content or consulting services may contact Moneycation@gmail.com with inquiries. Networking buttons on each article page such as Tweet and Google + can also be used to share content from Moneycation.   

For those who choose to do so, Moneycation is also a place to share financial ideas and thoughts using the comments sections at the end of articles. This helps facilitate expression of financial concepts and supplementary information not contained in the articles. Past articles and content can be found using the tabs at the top of the home page and the search bar to the right of the home page.  News data  is available via the topic tab news feeds and up-to-date emails with recent posts can be delivered to your email inbox via the registration option at the bottom of the home page. Past newsletters are available via the Archive tab. 

About the managing editor

A.W. Berry is a financial writer professionally credentialed in media marketing, real estate sales, financial services, financial education and corporate documentation. He is the author and editor of "The Moneycation Guide to Personal Finance", "The Moneycation Guide to Business" and "The Moneycation Guide to Investing"; his articles have been published on numerous business websites and blogs including the Motley Fool, Investopedia, the Houston Chronicle Online, eHow Money and Degree Match. A.W. Berry served on the Editorial Advisory Board and microsite procurement team for Helium, Inc., an RR Donnelley Company. He earned an M.B.A. in finance and marketing from the University of Missouri and is a Global Post Citizen Journalism Contest award winner. Interviews with Berry are published at Mint and Surety Solutions, LLC. For additional information, or to follow Moneycation's shared posts via social media, please visit Google+.