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Business News

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Maritime law and cruise ships By Eleventy Travel Blog Writers
Commercial transport fuel emissions, safety and technological advancements By Go Supply Chain Logistics and Supply Chain Consultancy
Six things to know about the amended Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA) By Mark Sadaka
What are the most frequent citations issues by OSHA By Michael Schreyer
Environmentally conscious outfit brands By Jennifer Broflowski
Walmart identifies eight hazardous chemicals from products By Mark Sedaka
27 striking facts most people don't know about startups By Coupofy
Counterfeit Viagra gang faces hard times By Andrew Reilly
How to manage your finances as a professional blogger By Megan Ritter
Madonna claims Internet and copyright fraud is akin to terrorism By Andrew Reilly
Reasons for Chick-fil-As ascent in the fast food market By A.W. Berry
How artificial intelligence writes news By A.W. Berry
How voice recognition technology is changing medical transcription By Mary Lynn
Blackberry offering iPhone users a big payout to switch to the Passport By Alex Viall
Musicians build marketing awareness as industry changes By A.W. Berry
A history of Apple Macintosh computers By Karen Harding
Smartphone review: Is the iPhone 6 a true success? By Daisy Burgress
Why U.K. advertising has relaxed e-cigarette regulations By Kelly Gilmour-Grassam
5 things to avoid when choosing a car franchise to work with By Nadine/Van Franchise
Medical marijuana in NY is not for small-time businesses By Dylan/Green Wellness
How data caps are affecting Internet development By Jodi Grant
Wine before nine: America's forward thinking wine trends By Erin Tran
Ticket manufacturers are using anti-counterfeit measures By Tammy Wiltshire
Why manufacturers have resourced jobs to the United States By A.W. Berry
How "hacktivists" are negatively impacting corporate security By Ryan Norse
Will immigration reform happen in 2014 By Jade Carpio
Chicago feels the effects of yet another strike By Brennen Kliffmueller
Advantages and disadvantages of raising the minimum wage By A.W. Berry
The future of corporate finance By A.W. Berry/CFO Research
Small to mid-size business insights vs. economic statistics By A.W. Berry/Pepperdine U.
How mobile phones are changing the developing world By Craig
History and benefits of eco-friendly automobile manufacturing By Michelle Lopez
Poor U.K. workplace safety'smassive economic costs By Robert/Clearwater Solicitors
Genetically modified seeds: The big food debate By Karen/All Seasons
Expensive drugs: Driving up the cost of worker's compensation? By Molly Pearce 
The FTC: Unpopular champion of the free market By Dr. Matthew B. Candelaria
How does college sports make money By Lesley/Allpro Sports Blog
Useful tips for businesses conducting a merger By Chris Mayhew
Cyber Monday under the mircroscope By Jason Kane 
Eco-benefits of ethanol challenged by research By A.W. Berry
Employee theft: An inside job by Best Accounting Degrees
How companies are appealing to the sustainability generation By  Alvin Webster
The Affordable Care Act whistleblower protections By Theda K. Rogers
Connecticut Supreme Court rules in favor of workers By Joe Cronin
The challenges of working with Gen-Y By David Johnson 
Why hotel minibars are no longer commercially successful By A.W. Berry
How ophthalmologists topped the list of Medicare recipients By A.W. Berry
Business method patents from A to Z By Brad Lindgren
How Obamacare will affect hospital revenue By Ashley S. Watkins
Companies that pay no federal income tax By Simon/Wallace& Associates
Women's jobs hit by austerity measures By Peter Brown 
Sales tax audits on the rise in 2013 By Tyler Braun
Why Tumblr's PR is worth $1.1 billion to Yahoo! By Sam Wright 
UK's logistics industry tackles gender inequality By Pippa Green 
Top manufacturing companies poised for growth in 2013 By Jessica Bosari 
The mining industry exceeds $1.5 trillion worldwide By Nicole/AllightPrimax
BRICS nations seeking an international development bank By Nicky Warner  
Latest trends and techniques used in the e-commerce industry By Mike  
Challenges faced by the shipping industry in 2013 By Charles Macmillan
Big hitters wary of investing in agriculture By J├╝rgen Siemer 
The world's top mining countries By John/ SLR Consulting
The newest emerging markets for American products  By Denise Ferrier 
American files motion to extend bankruptcy  By Derek/NJ Bankruptcy
How will Obama's re-election affect the finance industry?  Scheme Serve
ND tops list of states with fastest growing economy By Paul Moore
Will the U.S. dollar remain the go-to global currency? By Vida Denning
How Apple bypasses U.S. labor laws   Online MBA Programs

Business financing

Invoice financing: A great way to deal with cash flow problems By Dan Radak
4 tips for handling your startup's financing By Dan Radak
5 ways to boost your charity fundraiser By Paul Thompson
Can you get a business loan with bad credit? By Lendified
How reverse convertible securities work By A.W. Berry
IPO preparation best practices By Linda A. Perez
How to ensure a successful IPO By Linda A. Perez
5 alternative ways to fund a startup By Harry Price
Loans for entreprenuers and start up businesses By Darrell J. Hunt
What matters in corporate finance By A.W. Berry/Brealey and Myers
5 smart money tips for new businesses By Kelli Cooper
8 ways small businesses can simplify the loan approval process By Francis Santos
What are the best business debt relief options? By Angel Cruz
Creative ways to fund your startup By Alex Faubel
Crowdfunding and the JOBS Act: A step forward By Todd Smith 
Tips for finding investors By Henry H. Hernandez
How to get small business financing By Shawn Wise
10 ways to get your business funded By Ruby P. Warthen
The benefits of a venture capital company By Jonathan Blocker
How banks analyze companies for loans By A.W. Berry
Save money when starting a business By Industrial Machines
Consider a money wheel for your next fundraising event By Lauren Biddle
How to get government funding for your business By Andrew
Sources of financing during business down-cycles By A.W. Berry
Top tips for acquiring private equity By Stuart Green
Financing business equipment By Baby Bon Finance
Grant writing tips for government business grants By A.W. Berry
Understanding the many benefits of crowdfunding By Derek/Startup Valley
Disadvantages of small business loans By A.W. Berry
How to guarantee success on a business loan application By Esther
How Obama's reelection will effect the finance industry By Scheme Serve
What exchangeable bonds are By A.W. Berry 
Crowd funding for a start-up venture By Danny 
In defense of charity administrative costs By Sam Wright
How to buy a business By Greg Jones
Business start-up financing tips By Title Lease

Cash flow management 

Invoice financing: A great way to deal with cash flow problems By Dan Radak
Convertible virtual currency and mobile payment systems By A.W. Berry
6 keys to better small business financial management By Phil Steel
Every business needs strict credit control By Lime Tree/Blue Dot Consulting
The short and long-term ramifications of chargebacks By Luke Hartley
A few benefits and drawbacks of mobile point of sale By David Turner
Online payment options for app sales By Erin Steiner
Tips for dealing with credit card fraud By James/FIS Merchant Payments
Building the blocks of business credit  By DCP/Amex
Business credit cards do's and dont's By Jason Bushey
Wireless credit card processing solutions By Jean McDaniels
Factoring: The myths and the facts By Elle Jackson
Cash management tips for small businesses By James
Tips for keeping you business flush with cash By Kelli Cooper
Invoice factoring: Is it right for your company? By Floyd Davis
Why using PayPal can cripple your business By Peter Hinton 
How to keep cash flowing into your business By Gerwyn Wallto
How to manage your business debt By Mickey Colon
The difference between cash flow & free cash flow By A.W. Berry

Business tax

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S corporation tax strategy By A.W. Berry
How a small company can claim an R&D tax credit in Texas By Brandon Zachary
Not-for-profit tax exemption filing guide By A.W. Berry
Top 5 tips for choosing the right business tax accountant By Phyllis Stent
Problems with generally accepted accounting principles By A.W. Berry
Commercial impact of online sales tax By A.W. Berry
What to consider before taking international tax advice By M. Forbes 
Types of tax breaks for small businesses By A.W. Berry
Tax aspects of C corporations By A.W. Berry
Tax forms required for LLCs By A.W. Berry 
How to file a business tax extension with the IRS By A.W. Berry 
Tax aspects of S corporations By A.W. Berry 
Understanding asset depreciation By Christina Corbett
Tax aspects of LLCs By A.W. Berry
5 money saving tax tips for small businesses By Steven Ellis
Business tax audit red flags By A.W. Berry
Preparation of a tax return for a non-profit business By A.W. Berry 

Business accounting

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The SME's guide to payroll services By Ayers
7 reasons to start using a professional for your book keeping By Linda Carr
Problems with generally accepted accounting principles By A.W. Berry
Benefits of finance and accounting outsourcing By Phil Steel
Top reasons why cloud accounting could help your business By Simon Henderson
Battle of the bookkeepers: Accountant vs. accounting software By Sarah Parkar
Benefits of outsourced accounting and bookkeeping By CFO Business Growth Solutions
Could using the right accounting software save you money? By Kate Supino
What payroll software should you use? By Sara Boisvert
How to enter business credit card payments into Quickbooks By Kelly/MyVAO
Tips on using Quickbooks shortcut keys By Linda/MyVAO
Life cycle costs Vs. leasing construction machinery By Gerard/WestTrac 
7 Excel tips you need to know By Sarah Jackson
3 of the most common Quickbooks mistakes By Angela Cooper
Tips on choosing small-business accounting software By Jack
Who pays the price for transaction swipe fees? By Michelle Latham
5 small accounting tips that make a big difference By Nicola Joseph
Pros and cons of outsourcing Internet fulfillment By Amy Fowler
Six accounts payable best practices By Proformative
Accounting: How special purpose entities work By A.W. Berry
What is cost accounting? By A.W. Berry 
Comparing expensing and capitalization of costs By A.W. Berry
Understanding the income statement By A.W. Berry  
The 5 biggest accounting scandals of the last decade By Les Fowler
Accounting terms: The general ledger By A.W. Berry 
How an accountant can help you fund your business By A.W. Berry
How marginal & weighted average capital costs differ By A.W. Berry
Are accounts receivable an asset to businesses? By Adella Fitzroy 

Business insurance

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The importance of liability insurance: Why consider it? By Harry Price
Risk management and reinsurance By Flaviu Mircia
Should employees foot more of the healthcare bill? By Adam Groff
What is a release of liability form? By David Incorvaia
How to prevent worker's compensation cliams By Brian Levesque
Top 3 safety concerns of small businesses By Jacob Maslow
Liability risk: Business use of employee vehicles By Shelby Warden
What businesses should know about Obamacare By Contractors1stInsurance
What is general trade credit insurance? By Alisia Goodwin
Business fleet insurance: Four ways to save money By Mark
How will healthcare reform affect your business? By Vista Health Solutions
How Obamacare affects your small business By Berwick Ins. Group
Business property liability: Entry and access By Aki Hashimoto
Guide to surety bonds By A.W. Berry

Business marketing and P.R.

How to thrive in product management By Michelle Rubio
Promotional clothing as marketing strategy By Daisy Burgess
How local businesses can get good online reviews that boost business By Michelle Rubio
What is carbon offsetting? By Mark Stubbles
What package color says about your product By Andrew Fujii
Top tips for an effective eexperiential marketing campaign By Bill Turner
How to make a good impression with your trade show exhibit stand By Tim Cook
9 common blogging mistakes businesses make By Azalea Pena
Email marketing mistakes can cause consumer panic By Andrew Reilly
How to choose a venue that is suitable for your business event By Venue Search London
Methods brick and mortar companies use to retain market share By A.W. Berry
Pros and cons of using coupons for marketing By  Offers & Deals
Are metro card advertisements good for business? By A.W. Berry
Is a Mac really better than a PC in the creative industries? By Damian Coates
5 ways to boost online sales By Wendy Lin
What to include on product label information By Tammy Wiltshire
The importance of a well-designed, high quality product label by Tammy Wiltshire
Signs you're about to lose a customer and how to recover By Roderick Brown
Graphic design and business branding basics By Tiffany Olson
What is local SEO? By Larry Smith
Use a marketing automation system to boost sales By Sales Fusion
Market research: The basics By Amber Potts
Market research for small businesses By Sam Wright
How our eyes process signs and avertising By Louise Williams
Simple tips to manage your best online branding By Daniel Mathews
Turning donors in to customers: The product sale fundraiser ByAlan Rosinski
Why loyalty schemes can make or break a supermarket By Claire Broadley
Things that make website landing pages go wrong By John Baron
Great examples of successful business branding By Beth Stubbings
5 ways mechanics can earn repeat business By Connor Adkins
Is it better to outsource SEO services to India or the Phillipines By Nicole/Ebrandz
Email marketing best practices to improve your campaign By Jessica Conars
How to show your branding is an investment, not an expense By Ashley Hughes
The most adventurous brand reinventions of 2013 By Tina Getz
Extraordinary facts about customer service By Sarah Hoove
New marketing techniques for SMB owners By Michael Gal
Promote financial services with digital marketing & SEO By Jeff Shjarback
4 ways to use data storage devices for markerting By Saam Banai
Pros and cons of daily deal sites for small business By Johnny/DDSS
Free advertising with the DIY approach by Bob Emerald
Breadcrumb marketing: Thinking big by getting small By Chris Lenois
How to find the best affiliate market products to promote By Clicksure
What skills do salespeople need to thrive? By Craig Klein
Using Instagram to boost your business By Victoria/Direct Sight
Build brand equity with a green trade show exhibit By Nathan Hendrix
3 smart LinkedIn marketing strategies By Heba Hosny 
Best ways to benefit from sales lead generation companies By Benjamin Roussey
5 companies that make money while making a difference By Madeleine Berry
Tips for running a successful business on eBay By James Harper
How to build a brand in 5 easy steps By John/The Right Group
Facebook permissions: What marketers need to know By Roman Sahakov
Things companies need to fix bad reviews By Joshua Reynolds 
The most successful franchises By Ashley Smith
How to raise prices without scaring your customers By Sykes
The newest emerging markets for American products By Denise Ferrier
The ten highest ranked trademarks By Loren Stacks
Marketing: Understanding segmentation variables By A.W. Berry
Uncontrollable variables within a marketing campaign By A.W. Berry
Marketing statistics: Data collection by sampling By A.W. Berry
Principles of marketing By A.W. Berry
Guide to effective advertising and marketing By A.W. Berry
A guide to product branding By A.W. Berry

Business management

How to choose your next SMB telephone system By Jane Writhe
Steps to gain full imbursement for employees By Matthew Schimberg
Personnel practices for success By Katrina/Rack Solutions
Saving on your business management and warehousing costs By Harry Price
Corporate cash and treasury solutions By A.W. Berry
5 important workplace health and safety considerations By Bill Turner
How to sound-proof a hotel By Harry Price
Protecting your business from power outages By Kelly Gilmour-Grassam
Choosing temporary office space for your business By Kelly Gilmour-Grassam
Opening a new retail business? 5 things to know and remember By David Woodburn
New OASIS C1/ICD9 to begin January 1, 2015; are you ready? By Andrew Fujii
What small businesses can do to compete with larger ones By Jordan Greer
3 key elements of a success-bound strategic plan By Calvin Swartz
Financial advantages of business structures By A.W. Berry
How to establish a vision for organizational success By Calvin Swartz
9 steps to building and selling a company in 24 months By Rob Johnson
Office stationary management tips By Harry Price
Mistakes in a business strategy By Milan Budimik
Why every business should have a trained first aider By Glenn Hughes
How to furnish your office for as cheap as possible By Ben Livings
Ideas to help employers adapt to legalization of marijuana By Rebecca Short
Employee fraud can cause major issues By Andrew Reilly
Advantages and disadvantages of mergers and acquisitions By A.W. Berry
Evaluation of executive compensation By A.W. Berry
Starting and making it with your own business By Harry Price
Energy saving gadgets for the office By Harry Price
Regulations that accompany business IPOs By Jeremy Benson
Benefits of workplace CPR training By Oscar King
Examples of successful mergers and acquisitions By Cassels Brock Lawyers
The basics and necessity of business process outsourcing By Phil Steel
5 ways to cut business overhead expenses By Wendy Lin
How employers can prevent mining industry accidents By David Incorvaia
What you need to know to file a patent By John Frost
The true story behind Moneyball By Rebecca Fearn
How to track the impact of company improvement activities James/Sigma Pro
Consultants and the requirements management process By Beth Nicholas
Efficient warehousing tips By Adattsi
How to stay productive when you're moving offices By 1-800-Pack-Rat
14 ways to save energy at the workplace By Leslie/Claddagh Oil Company
Five great business tips from five great billionaires By Ian Taylor
Resources for starting a business in Missouri By Leonard Garces
Why aren't you saving your office money using these simple tricks  By Ron Jeffry
Four srtategies for success in the expanding construction sector By Robert/Procore
8 eco-friendly companies and their green secrets By Theo Schmidt
Why you should invest in employee development and training By Jemima Winslow
Advantages of hiring temporary CFOs By CFO Business Growth Solutions, LLC.
Contract management challenges faced by businesses By Kenny/Contract Logix, LLC.
3 challenges for small businesses in 2014 and how to manage them By Ian Daniel
Hiring? Using technology to find the right job candidate By Krill Bensonoff
How employee attitude and mood affect productivity By David Johnson
Does ego make men weaker at negotiating than women By Susan Glover
What type of information must your invoice have By Erin Steiner
Business training courses your staff will actually enjoy By Chris Mayhew
Clocking exempt employees By Roger Helms
How the green movement can help your bottom line By Bruce LeGros
Most common OSHA violations By Jason Kane
How to engage your workforce By Wendy Lin
Business financial management in one slideshow By Marcus9000
Knowing when to jump ship: Is your company failing? By Lindsie Mcmahon
Healthcare business contract management and compliance By Suzanne/ContractLogix
Men win: Men's office spaces are dirtier than women's By Carrie Hughes
Making the most of your businesses slow season By Kelly Gregorio
Risk assessment in the workplace By Steve Smith
HIPAA and your medical practice: How to ensure compliance By Antonio Brown
Improve business efficiency & productivity with workflow By James Roberts
Why entrepreneurs need to focus on getting quality sleep By Kalen/Sleep Number Bed
Four common mistakes small-business owners make By Scott Murray 
How many payment options do online businesses need? By Jean McDaniels
What do consultants have to offer businesses? By Colaborate
Business transaction security measures By Jean McDaniels
Executive coaching for a better work-life balance By Shelby Warden
How to start a business on a limited budget By Avery Bale
Ideas for small business to survive a recession By Mark/BVI Insurance
4 simple ways to spot gaps in the market By Bradley Hunter
Employee screening as a money saver By Rafael Landeiro
5 tips on how to have a more profitable food business By Manilyn Moreno
Five ways postage meters save businesses money By Lauren Wainwright
Planning your new business idea By Ben/Oracle Finance
Top 6 things employees waste time on By Josh Hervall
How executive search firms work By Ashely Wilson
5 signs your business is about to close By Paul/24-7 Exhibition Services
Why are "natural born leaders" bad for business By Posterita
Tips to consider when choosing an affiliate program By Kate Funk
Avoiding the blunders of small business By Vida Denning
How the U.S. EB5 program promotes commerce By EB5 Investors
Tips for growing your small business economically By John Reiter
How to repair a late S-corporation election By A.W. Berry
How to start a business in Texas By A.W. Berry
How to start a business in Nevada By A.W. Berry
How to start a business in Delaware By A.W. Berry 
The worst marketing tactics that paid off By James Maloney
Where to find small-business start up ideas By Kasper Rugholm
Never reveal the price until you've built value By Sean McPheat
Project management tips from the world's greatest By Sally/Milestone UK
How to choose a financial advisor for your business By Priscilla Bartlett

E-Commerce, M-Commerce and M.I.S.

How much do web developers make: The way to pay less for the same result By Yury Antonov
Digital really and users come out winners in Equinix data deal By Ask Katrina
What to ask before investing in a business process management system By Amira Chugunova
Data centers and the need for them to be more eco-friendly By Katrina
How online retailers reduce shopping cart abandonment By Snapparcel 
Mobile credit cards & the future of the credit card processing business By Lautaro Martinez
8 SEO tips for e-commerce entrepreneurs By Michelle Rubio 
The 5 best cloud-based tools for businesses By Gary Gould
How to write e-commerce terms and conditions By Alex Buka
Google tools that help you manage your business By Alex Buka
Capacity planning for your data center By Katrina/Rack Solutions
Top 4 free video-conferencing programs By Mark Stubbles
Is it safe to accept contactless card payments? By Charles Wallace  
Leverage digital marketing and SEO to promote financial services By Jeff Shjarback
Advertising with smartphones By A.W. Berry
Why businesses should comply with the ISO 27001 standards By Sarah Miller
Top 3 monetization tips to consider when developing an app By Mariah Cameron
Optimize your email marketing campaign for mobile users By Andrew Reilly
Independent retailers and e-commerce By Sally Stacey
Tips for maximizing productivity in a virtual office By Sarah Miller
Boosting conversion rate and ROI with split testing By Uplift
Is Magento Enterprise a better choice than Magento Community? By Marta Gromadzka

International business

Innovative hotel business ideas By Milan Budimkic
How the U.A.E. is dealing with its debt problem By Latitude Digital Marketing
Economic benefits of immigration By A.W. Berry
MOSS will gather all the key EU VAT information By Taxamo
Commercial law in Ukraine By Jessica Stidd
Features of Canadian industry safety management systems By B. Roussey
EB-5 program helps struggling developer bounce back By EB-5 Investors
Starting a business down under By  Archie
The pros and cons of limited vs. incorporated business in Canada By Sandy J 
Stake your claim in the global marketplace By Meyling Lau
How to grow your business internationally By Sarah Detlef 
How to immigrate to Canada as a business person By Wilard Strong
BRICS nations seeking an international development bank By Nicky Warner
Poor U.K. workplace safety has massive economic costs By Robert/Clearwater Solicitors
UK's logistics industry tackles gender inequality By Pippa Green