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Insurance news

Life insurance

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Life insurance in financial planning By A.W. Berry
5 advantages of insurance products in retirement planning By A.W. Berry
The problem with variable annuities By A.W. Berry
Events that trigger a life insurance review By Mitchell Simmons
Reasons to consider or forgo a life insurance settlement By A.W. Berry
Questions to ask your agent before taking life insurance  By Kunal Mehta
Is life insurance wise after pregnancy?  By GIO
4 things no one tells you about 'Buy term and invest the rest' By Jenni Wiltz
40% of Americans face financial woe without life insurance By Frank Mitchell
Life insurance: Better ROI than lottery tickets By Lisa Swan
When is whole life insurance better than term? By Alisia Goodwin
How life insurance premiums are calculated by Georgina Clatworthy
Why life insurance should be a priority for young families By Eric Stauffer
Things to look out for when considering life insurance By My Cheap Life Insurance
Are people with diabetes eligible for life insurance  By Ben Hargrove
Kinds of life insurance scams not to fall for By Lisa Swan
How to navigate the life-insurance labyrinth By A.W. Berry
How to borrow money against your life insurance By A.W. Berry

Health insurance

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Long-term care insurance: A smart investment or a long-term liability? By Joel Zimmerman
How voice recognition technology is changing medical transcription By Mary Lynn
The 5 most costly healthcare procedures By Andrew Fujii
Medicare insurance guide By A.W. Berry
How much does hernia surgery cost By Richard Mon
Prescription drug cards: A lifeline for the uninsured By James Sosa
Is rhinoplasty covered by insurance in the U.K., U.S. and Canada By Kelly Brown
How sitting less affects healthcare costs By A.W. Berry
Ways to turn your truck in to a personal gym By Anna Donato
Tips to help you choose the best health insurance Be Leanne White
The up-sides of Affordable Care Act By Family Care Partners
Top four reasons poeple don't buy long-term care insurance By Jenni Wiltz
Two surprising healthcare costs during retirement By Jenni Wiltz
Are VA hospitals really failing our veterans? By Dr. Matthew B. Candelaria
Are electronic health records causing medical bills to rise? By Kenneth Gray
Affording healthcare in the later years By Valerie Cyrus Stout
Fraud in the health care industry By Britni Zandbergen
The increasing cost of long-term care By Jenni Wiltz
Medical malpractice in California By Joe Cronin
Understanding healthcare reform By Brandon William Peach
How billions could be saved via better use of prescriptions By Kenneth Gray
Tips for finding affordable medical care By Kenneth Gray
Healthcare industry frustrated by new medical codes By Kenneth Gray
Is your health insurance hurting you By Andrew Miller
How a healthy diet can lower medical costs By Bridget Sandorford
Qualifying for Social Security disability benefits By Brooke McDonald
Scam awareness: Shopping responsibly for medical insurance B. Somers
3 pieces of good news on the healthcare horizon By Madeline Marshall
How to handle costly medical bills By Kenneth Gray
Medicare Advantage: Will it survive Obamacare? By Danielle Kunkle
Why health insurance plans are so expensive By Jessica Myers
Insurance companies deny patients proper care By Aaron Gormley
Considering long-term care insurance?  Living Senior
Affordable insurance alternatives for your kid's healthcare By Carol Wilson
Suing your doctor or hospital for medical malpractice By Ephraim Law
Medicare Part D: Plans and price comparison By Alston J. Balkom

Home insurance

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Why homeowners should be concerned about flood insurance By Oscar King
How to switch homeowners insurance companies the right way By Carly Jorge
What to do after a home flooding By David Incorvaia 
Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act: Homowner implications By D. Holly
6 ways to get discounts on your homeowners insurance By Derrick Goodman
Benefits of homeowners insurance By Bound Insurance
Home insurance FAQs By Kelli Cooper
Tips for purchasing homeowners insurance By Timothy Lemke
How to protect the valuables in your home By Katelyn Porter
When filing a claim on homeowners insurance raises rates By A.W. Berry
Why condo insurance is used By A.W. Berry

Auto insurance

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Debunking 5 car insurance myths By Matt Rhoney
Is the cheapest insurance worth it? By Lautaro Martinez
How to save by increasing your car insurance deductible By CheapAutoInsurance.net
What happens if you get in an accident while driving another's car By Ray Donato
Ensure that you are not a victim of intentional accident fraud  By Accident Claims
Tips for lowering teen auto insurance By Samantha Rivers
What determines my car insurance rate? By Zurich Insurance plc
Handy auto insurance apps By Claire Winters
How car insurance companies try to trick accident victims By Sophie Evans
Ways new drivers can save on auto insurance By Claire Atkinson
Don't believe these auto insurance myths By Samantha B. Rivers
8 ways to compare auto insurance policies besides price By R.J. Weiss
The insurance company may not always be on your side By R. Mendoza
Individual's guide to accident insurance By A.W. Berry
How to spot abusive insurance policies By A.W. Berry
How to spot car insurance scams By A.W. Berry
Car insurance review: State Farm By A.W. Berry 
Tips on how to shop for auto insurance By A.W. Berry 
What claims adjusters look for  By A.W. Berry 

Insurance other

Steps to take if you have been injured on the job By Christopher S.
The weirdest insurance fraud claims of all time (infographic) By Top Quote 
How landlords get the right insurance on their property By Homelet
The importance of liability insurance: Why consider it? By Harry Price
How to turn your insurance settlement in to a nest egg By Valerie Stout Cyrus
What is structured settlement? By Richard Craft
Insurance: When to get a second opinion By Molly Pearce
Think twice before forgetting about cell phone insurance By Rob Rudd
Social Security demystified By Elizabeth Mercer
Moving insurance tips for a worry free move By Natasha Dogre
How your credit score affects insurance rates By C.V. Brunt-Wiley
Workers compensation fraud By Reeves, Aiken & Hightower
10 hilarious insurance claims By Candy Wright
Why debt protection insurance doesn't make sense By N.C. Auto Loan
The pros and cons of credit insurance  By Susan Wells
Inflation protection in long-term care insurance policies By A.W. Berry
Divorce and insurance changes By A.W. Berry
What an ex-gratia payment is By A.W. Berry
Income protection insurance for unstable times By Tracey Garrow
Insurance fraud case studies By Richard O.