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Real estate news

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Surging house prices spark debate over new real estate bubble By Jodi Bakst 
Housing benefit fraud remains a serious crime By Andrew Reilly
House price differences across the U.K. By Michael Low
What makes the Spanish real estate market different? By Michael Liggan 
Can we already see the end of London's luxury property market? By Trevor Crowe
What do U.K. stamp duty reforms mean to you? By Kelly Gilmour-Grassam
2014 real estate design trends By Kelly Gilmour-Grassam
Lloyds limiting mortgage support for London property buyers By Andrew Reilly
Barcelona paving the way in Spanish property revival By Bradley Shore
Will there be an end to the Help-to-Buy program in London By Andrew Reilly
Spanish property sales up 26 percent By Bradley Shore
Why the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act expired By Paul Ritz
Is the U.K. construction finally on a long-term recovery? By Nick Thomas
Hurricanes are not only dangerous, but expensive By Andrew Winston
Foreclosure bid rigging costs three their freedom By Wes Thompson
Colorado real estate sees big wins By Ian St. Clair
Home prices and mortgage rates are rising By David Leiter
The solo-household: Way of the future? By Sam Dixon
U.K. residential property lending increased 30% annually By Rob Steen
2013 tax deduction for homeowners: Some expire this year By Larque Goodson
The latest commercial real estate deals in Dallas By James/Bobek Realty Group
Not all sunshine and rain for St. Louis real estate By Kamiel Moore
Is the new FHA program good or bad? By Jeffry Evans 
U.K. home prices fell slightly in November By Rob Steen
Hot real estate investing is in Houston, Texas By Don Stevens
Long-term housing market trends across the nation By Trilo3y
UK mortgage prospects for 2014 By Jamie/Guernsey Estate Agents
How the economy is influencing the housing market By Jeffry Evans
The housing market By Brian Davis
Homes and home loans for millennials By Gina Pogol 
Real estate investors are holding large inventories By Kamiel Moore
Denver real estate recovery nears 2006 monthly peak values By K. Johanson
Supreme Court case challenges construction precedence By M.S. Mulholland
U.S. housing demand pushes lumber prices up By Keith Hurbert
New tighter rules for U.K. mortgage lending explained By Lauren Sutton
Onsite mortgages: A popular but risky trend for Realtors By Geoff Lee
What exactly does low housing inventory mean for you? By Ross Herman
Will 2013 be a great year for real estate? By Tulsa Property Management
Prime property investment in Scotland fades as prices decline By Invezz
U.K. property prices soar to a 2 1/2 year high By Grace Matthews
China says no property bubbles here please By Sand Cosser
Reasons to invest in Northern Virginia real estate By Georgina Clatworthy
Best emerging housing markets in the U.S. By Steven Talbor 
Credit scores of the five richest U.S. neighborhoods By Michael Bratton
How the U.K. property market performed in 2012 By Cormac Reynolds
Homes at risk as U.K. flooding continues By Sally Marsh
Renting vs. buying in St. Paul/Minneapolis By Ed Michelson
U.S. home vacancies up one percent since 2006 By A.W. Berry
Top 10 cities to buy foreclosed real estate in By Allison K. Watkins

Mortgages and property sales

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What you need to know prior to refinancing your Edmonton home mortgage By Redfin
Ways to get a mortgage with bad credit in Toronto By Tribecca Finance Corporation
How to make yourself more attractive to mortgage lenders By Lending Expert
Applying for a mortgage when self employed By Darren Robinson 
What to look for when choosing an amortization period By Jonathan Baker
How do I get a mortgage with bad credit? By Clinton Haglund
6 things to know before co-signing a mortgage By Venetia Rose
5 free tools to help buy a home with poor credit By Chad Deveault
Tips for finding the best rate on a second mortgage By Jeremy Benson
How to host a spectacular home staging party By Glen Key Realty, Ltd.
Understanding the Mortgage Forgiveness Debt Relief Act By Paul Ritz
What to do before selling your home By Phil Brown
Mortgage refinancing tips for applicants with a poor credit By Don Anfuso
Read the contract before signing By Madoline Hatter 
Important issues to raise with mortgage lenders By Esther/P.O.F.
Pros and cons of renting Vs. owning furniture By Natasha Al-Atassi
5 important tips for staging your home By Alex/Home Daddys
4 little known facts about mortgages By Rosemary Rugnetta
Why is a loan-to-value percent necessary? By Rosemary Rugnetta
Reasons to refinance a mortgage By Richard Craft
Mortgage questions to ask a lender By Rosemary/FreeRateUpdate.com
A prosperous way to sell real estate By Alan Noblitt
Refinancing your mortgages with an FHA loan By Tony Caro
Refinancing your home loan to invest: Beware of the risks By Allan Jones
Mortgage loan benefits of credit unions By Garden Savings F.C.U.
Lowering your mortgage costs in an urban setting By Ken Myers 
When to refinance real estate loans By A.W. Berry
Understanding the loan amortization schedule By A.W. Berry
A layman's guide to home equity loans By Heather Sanchez 

Property management

How landlords get the right insurance on their property By Homelet
How to be a good landlord By Tulsa Property Managers
Is property management easier for smaller homes By Andrew Reilly
Outdoor lighting tips for added curb appeal and safety By Joan Silver
5 mistakes landlords make By Tulsa Property Managers
Biggert Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act: Homowner implications By D. Holly
5 renovations that won't add value to your house By Stephanie Muller
What home improvements are tax deductible By Richard Craft 
Is property automation worthwhile? By Lindsey Patterson
The legal guide for commerical real estate brokers By Matt/UpCounsel
Geothermal heat pumps: Clean and affordable energy By Natasha Risinger
Funky home design tips on a smaller budget By Naomi .A. Whittaker
What is tenancy deposit protection By Ross Stevens
Renovating your home: Money saving tips By George/Coast Spray Foam Insulation
Love 'em or hate 'em: Pros and cons of HOAs By Bruce Zander
Rent to own your home: Is it a good idea? By Paul Moore
How to protect the valuables in your home By Katelyn Porter
Saving money by constructing green buildings By Victor Foiltec
How to find low-income apartments to rent By A.W. Berry
Tips for purchasing homeowners insurance By Timothy Lemke 

Real estate investing

Is the property crowdfunding explosion safe? By Jonathan Stevens
Problems to overcome when building in the winter By Ken Uhrich
7 reasons why it's a good idea to buy a property to let By Mike Low
Where should landlords look for properties? By Michael Liggan
Property investment considerations from experts By Sarah Miller
Why investors choose real estate? By A.W. Berry
Why invest in multi-unit real estate? By Jeffrey Wallace
Commerical real estate financing alternatives By A.W. Berry/Westwood Net Lease
Understanding real estate market trends By Richard Craft
What to look for in a property investment By Pamela Wayne
All you wanted to know about conveyancing and the process By Matt 
 Top 5 investments that boost the value of your home By David Glenn
Pros and cons of using a mortgage originator By David/Loan Finders SA
Three tips for forming a real estate syndicate By Larry Moore
How Realtor services differ from that of real estate agents By Dave Landry Jr.
Guide to finding a good real estate agent By Morgan Johnes
What is the role of quantity surveryors in tax depreciation? By Brad/SJB QS
How do I know if investing in real estate is right for me By Richard Carr
Coming out ahead in Washington DC's real estate market By Shelby Warden
How to sell your home in a quiet market by Cormac Reynolds
5 tips for investing in commercial real estate By Mark/Bobek Realty Group
Things to know before investing in a real estate group By Magnus Keith 
Costs associated with becoming a homeowner  National Home Warranty 
How to guide for increasing your home's value By Heidi Rothbart
How to research an area before a home purchase By Salvatore Induisi
5 key real estate numbers and ways to research them By Marc Padilla
Buying foreclosures: A guide to auctions By A.W. Berry
Calculating your return on real estate investments By A.W. Berry
How to calculate the value of your home By A.W. Berry
Can you lower property taxes with a house boat? By A.W. Berry
Refinancing your home loan to invest: Beware of the risks By Allan Jones 
Successfully implementing a 1031 real estate exchange By A.W. Berry 
Pros and cons of timeshare investing By Andrew Donaldson

Home ownership and rental

How to find a good mortgage company By Moneycation
Go green with geothermal home heating and cooling by Ken Uhrich
5 ways to secure your property against theft By Oscar King
How to convince a spouse to buy instead of renting By Thomas Carter 
How to switch homeowners insurance companies the right way By Carly Jorge 
What to do after a home flooding By David Incorvaia
How much is the recommended down payment for property? By Jonathan Baker
DIY: Sealing air leaks in your home  By Rebecca Borchers
Add value to your home with these tips By Henry Hernandez
6 ways to get discounts on your homeowners insurance By Derrick Goodman
Be smart and get more house than you think you have the money for By Clydesdale Bank
Eco-friendly and efficient home improvements By Mara/Niagara Conservation
3 efficient ways to heat your home this winter By Lindsey Patterson
5 ways to reduce household energy consumption with technology By Gabriella Johnson
Are modular homes really less expensive? By Debra Wright
Should you give up your title deed to stop foreclosure By Rick Heldman
5 ways to avoid foreclosure of your home By Marie Miller
Home buying mistakes to avoid By Tiffany Olson
Home insurance FAQs By Kelli Cooper
6 benefits of buying a home By Movoto LLC
What is a property tax appeal like? By Jet Russell 
Cost effective alternatives to conventional living By A.W. Berry
10 Common relocation mistakes By Keith Barrett 
Top 5 U.S. cities to retire in By A.W. Berry
First time homebuyers guide to taxes By A.W. Berry 
How to avoid paying for real estate agents By Tiffany Olsen
Costs to prepare for when becoming a homeowner By Kalen
How to protect the valuables in your home By Katelyn Porter
Renting vs. buying in the Twin Cities By Ed  Michelson
Buying vs. renting your New York City home By Adam Joseph