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Tax news

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Unusual U.S. taxes By A.W. Berry
Taxes for U.K. LLPs set to be introduced  By Francis Clark
3 reasons why your yearly tax refund could hurt you By Ryan Delacroix
Events in 2013 that affect individual income tax filing By David Tooley
2013 tax deduction for homeowners: Some expire this year By Larque Goodson
Tax breaks expiring in 2013 By Randy Ortis
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Pros and cons of tax reform By A.W. Berry
New Jersey tops charts for property taxes By Natalie Gilmore
U.S. couple get biggest tax refund in history By Brian Corden
Sales tax audits on the rise in 2013 By Tyler Braun
The world's top tax friendly countries By Jemma Scott
The 5 states with the highest tax rate By Casio Wiser
Starbucks, Amazon and the tax dodgers By Morag P.
The 9 trillion dollar tax loophole By Coupons.org
IRS tax gap triggers increase in U.S. budget deficit By A.W. Berry
Do instant tax refunds exploit low-income earners? By A.W. Berry 

Tax strategy

How to tax-loss harvest share sales By A.W. Berry
Cutting tax costs with offshore investing By Thomas Spencer
Tax loopholes for car manufacturers By Chris Turberville
Offshore tax shelters explained By A.W. Berry
Capital loss carryover explained By A.W. Berry  
First time homebuyers guide to taxes By A.W. Berry
Best tax free investment options By A.W. Berry 

Business tax

S corporation tax strategy By A.W. Berry
Top 5 tips for choosing the right business tax accountant By Phyllis Stent
How a small company can claim an R&D tax credit in Texas By Brandon Zachary
Not-for-profit tax exemption filing guide By A.W. Berry
Top 5 tips for choosing the right business tax accountant By Phyllis Stent
Problems with generally accepted accounting principles By A.W. Berry
Commercial impact of online sales tax By A.W. Berry
What to consider before taking international tax advice By M. Forbes 
Types of tax breaks for small businesses By A.W. Berry
Tax aspects of C corporations By A.W. Berry
Tax forms required for LLCs By A.W. Berry 
How to file a business tax extension with the IRS By A.W. Berry 
Tax aspects of S corporations By A.W. Berry 
Understanding asset depreciation By Christina Corbett 
Tax aspects of LLCs By A.W. Berry
5 money saving tax tips for small businesses By Steven Ellis
Business tax audit red flags By A.W. Berry


What to do if you get an IRS audit notification By Bobby Wilscott 
Preparing for an IRS audit By Richard Craft
Tax audit survival tips By Zach Pierson
IRS audit preparation tips By A.W. Berry
Red flags that can trigger a tax audit By A.W. Berry 

Tax filing

Tax filing mistakes to avoid when filing IRS Forms 4864 and 7004 By Phyllis Sten
How to delay tax income tax filing and payment By A.W. Berry
Simple steps to apply for federal tax filing extension By Whitney L. Coopeir
How to make estimated tax payments By A.W. Berry  
How to guarantee an IRS tax audit in 2014 By Brian C. Hill
How to file a business tax extension with the IRS By A.W. Berry
The pros and cons of filing taxes electronically By A.W. Berry
Why a step-up in cost basis can affect taxes By A.W. Berry
Taxes on inherited Roth IRAs By A.W. Berry
Forms to file if you can't pay your taxes By A.W. Berry
How does filing for bankruptcy affect IRS debt By A.W. Berry
Claiming medical bills on taxes By A.W. Berry
How to figure out tax percentages By A.W. Berry
Wash sales and worthless stock By A.W. Berry
Tax implications of covered call writing By A.W. Berry
How to determine the cost basis of a tax exempt fund By A.W. Berry 
Filing taxes on interest and dividends By A.W. Berry 
An overview of capital gains tax rules By A.W Berry 
Filing taxes as a sole proprietor By A.W. Berry
Non-profit corporation tax filing tips and forms By A.W. Berry 
When to use the IRS Form 8332 By A.W. Berry 

Tax tips

How to lower taxes using educational costs By A.W. Berry
How to fix your relationship with the IRS By Mary Sutton
How to donate a car to a charitable organization By Rebbecca W. Schwartz
How to tell if the IRS is lying to you By Mary Sutton 
What home improvements are tax deductible By Richard Craft
Top 5 tax relief tips By Shahrin/Optima Tax Relief
How travelers redeem UK's sales tax By GB Tax Free Shopping
Understanding IRS tax liens By Ashely Wilson
How federal and state taxes are used By A.W. Berry
The 5 best books for tax payers By A.W. Berry
What is a property tax appeal like? By Jet Russell
A guide to U.K.s flat rate VAT tax By  Drummond  
How to buy a tax lien certificate By A.W. Berry
Things to look for in tax preparation software By A.W. Berry 
Tax court: The small case division By A.W. Berry 
When will you get your tax rebate? By A.W. Berry
Investing your tax refund: Good move or bad? By Patrick Hudson 
Taxes on short-term disability benefits By A.W. Berry 
How to requests tax transcripts from previous years By A.W. Berry