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Thursday, August 17, 2017

Tips to help you find a great car loan

Finding the right car loan becomes necessary when the life of your car comes to an end or when you need to buy a new car.

Maintain a clean slate

A poor credit history might just keep you from seeing the green light from your favorite lenders. You may need to bear a much higher rate of interest if you get a borrowing opportunity with others. When the time to apply for a car loan comes, you must prove your ability to repay loans by developing a uniform savings pattern and clearing all outstanding dues in advance.

Know how much you can afford

Give in your best attempts to determine how much you can actually repay every month. You must get a clear picture of your overall financial situation before taking the plunge. An online car loan calculator will help you arrive at the right repayment figure.

Comparison shopping is important

You may have seen people shopping around while buying cars. Likewise, it’s also important that you shop while choosing your car loan provider. While doing a financial comparison, you’ll save time that could be wasted while visiting various insurance provider websites besides saving much of your hard-earned money.

Limit your applications

You may be eager to achieve the best deal by applying for several credit cards and loans at once. But in doing so, your credit rating might just take a hit, especially when your requests are turned down. It’s in your interest to find one single financial support and pursue it.

Credit cards may be a good option

When it comes to borrowing a small amount, you may check out your credit cards that don’t charge any interest for a certain period. But you must pay them off in time or pay hefty rates from there on.

Loans are either secured or unsecured

Personal loans tend to be more expensive than that of car loans. The fact that your car loans are tied to a valuable asset makes them easier on your pocket. In the event of your failure to repay the borrowed amount, the lender has the right to repossess your car and sell it off in their attempt to realize the unpaid loan balance.

Early repayments could cost you

Exit penalties might just hit you back if you see additional funds in your account and are able to repay your debt earlier than planned. You must check out the repayment clauses prior to signing up. Remember there are a few lenders that won’t even take additional payments on the loan.

Consolidating your debt simplifies things

If you already have a car loan, credit card or other debts, then you may choose to combine them into a single loan as it will help you achieve a lower rate for borrowing less. You’ll find it easier to understand and track your consolidated debt as you continue repaying a single sum.

Your financial situation needs to be organized

There are times when your loan application process gets stretched for long. So, don’t get tempted to buy your car until you’re certain about how much money you can have in your account. It might cause financial problems for you, especially when your lender isn’t able to provide as much financial backing as needed. You may go for shopping once all of your financial doubts are clarified.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

6 things precious metals naysayers get dead wrong

Answering the Most Common and Current Objections

By Stefan Gleason

Gold attracts its fair share of detractors. But the most common objections to gold as money, and as a safe-haven asset within an investment portfolio, are misplaced. Anti-gold myths are ubiquitous.

Mega billionaire Warren Buffett remarked derisively of gold that it “gets dug out of the ground in Africa, or someplace. Then we melt it down, dig another hole, bury it again, and pay people to stand around guarding it. It has no utility.”

That brings us to the first thing precious metals naysayers get wrong…

Myth #1: “Gold has no utility.”

Warren Buffett is without question one of the world’s greatest investors. But he is not without biases.

Buffett’s primary business interests are in banking and insurance.

He has literally made fortunes off the fiat monetary regime. He took part in (and benefited from) the government bailouts of the financial system. He (along with most other Wall Street and banking titans) supported Hillary Clinton for president.
So maybe, just maybe, Buffett’s hostility to gold has something to do with his deep, symbiotic connections to the political, banking, and monetary establishments!

In any event, the claim that gold has no utility is false. It's been chosen by the market as money because of its many useful features, including fungibility, divisibility, durability, and rarity. Gold also functions as a store of value precisely because it, unlike Federal Reserve notes, has uses beyond that of a currency.

Even if gold weren’t hoarded in vaults, people would still dig it out of the ground at great cost for its uses in electronics, jewelry, art, and architecture. In an economic sense, $50,000 in physical gold is just as useful as a $50,000 sports car – as determined by the market.

Myth #2. “Gold is the money of the past. Digital crypto-currencies are the money of the future.”

Every generation comes up with some new reason to regard gold as a “barbarous relic.” Previously it was the advent of paper money. Then the creation of the Federal Reserve. Now the rise of internet-based crypto-currencies is hailed by some as a technology that will render gold obsolete as money.

The reality is that no paper or electronic or currencies ever have or ever could replicate the unique monetary properties of gold. Central banks continue to accumulate it. And new crypto-currencies actually backed by gold and silver are in the works.

A crypto-currency that combines the convenience of digital transactions with the security of metals backing could ultimately knock Bitcoin off its perch – and be a source of billions of dollars in new demandfor gold and/or silver.

Myth #3. “Precious metals markets can’t go up while the Fed is raising interest rates.”

This persistency of this myth is surprising given how often in market history it has been dispelled. Gold prices hit a major bottom in December 2015 just as the Fed initiated its first interest rate hike. Gold and silver rallied big during the rate hiking campaign from 2014 to 2016. Back in the late 1970s as interest rates rose dramatically into the double digits, gold prices rose in tandem – until, finally, nominal interest rates actually exceeded the inflation rate by 1980.

The direction of the gold price is keyed into real interest rates, not nominal rates. When real rates are negative or inflation expectations are rising, that tends to be bullish for precious metals.

Myth #4. “If the economy crashes, then so will gold.”

Gold is one of the least economically sensitive assets you can hold as an investor. The yellow metal exhibits virtually no long-term correlation with the stock, bond, or housing markets – and a relatively low correlation with industrial commodities such as oil and copper.

When every sector of the stock market including mining stocks crashed in 2008, gold itself managed to eke out a positive gain for the year. Gold isn’t impervious to economic shocks that may affect things like demand for jewelry, but safe-haven buying by investors is often more than enough to pick up the slack.

Myth #5. “Ordinary investors can’t win in gold and silver markets that are manipulated.”

A distinction needs to be made between physical metals markets and manipulated paper markets. Most of the manipulation that occurs in futures (paper) markets is done for short-term technical purposes – to game a few cents on bid/ask spreads, break resistance levels, force options to expire worthless, etc.

Ordinary investors absolutely should not try to trade the paper markets. They won’t beat the big banks and other institutional traders at their own game.

To the extent that paper prices are artificially suppressed, however, that’s actually an advantage for buyers of physical metal.

They can obtain it at a discount.

Meanwhile, artificially low prices serve as a disincentive to new mining production, which makes the long-term supply/demand fundamentals for gold and silver even more favorable.

Myth #6. “Gold pays no interest so it’s therefore a poor investment.”

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway shares pay no interest or dividends. Venezuelan junk bonds yield more than 50%. Which is the better investment?

Obviously, the size of the nominal yield doesn’t in itself tell you whether a financial asset is a good investment. Even the “safe” yield provided by U.S. Treasury securities isn’t safe from inflation. Or from taxation.

Since physical precious metals aren’t debt instruments and therefore pay no interest, their inflationary upside potential is all tax-deferred growth. You owe no taxes until you actually sell (or take distributions from a traditional IRA).

Stefan Gleason
Stefan Gleason is President of Money Metals Exchange, the national precious metals company named 2015 "Dealer of the Year" in the United States by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of the University of Florida, Gleason is a seasoned business leader, investor, political strategist, and grassroots activist. Gleason has frequently appeared on national television networks such as CNN, FoxNews, and CNBC, and his writings have appeared in hundreds of publications such as the Wall Street Journal, Detroit News, Washington Times, and National Review.

Images: Author owned and licensed

Monday, June 26, 2017

Why you should have travel insurance when visiting Canada

Although 60% of Canadians report that they are going to vacation within Canada this summer, very few of them are protecting their vacation investment by purchasing travel insurance Winnipeg coverage. Making the mistake of assuming that provincial health care will cover you when you travel is a huge risk when you don’t know all the facts. Before you decide that you don’t need travel insurance, you should know all the facts about health care concerns when you are away from home.

Over half of those traveling this summer say that they probably won’t take out travel insurance. More than 50% say that they don't need it, since they are already covered under the provincial health care plan. But are Canadians really covered when they travel outside of their province?

In most instances your health care will cover you, but there are gaps in coverage that can really put you into financial trouble. There are specific expenses that your current health care plan might not cover if you are away from home. While the government health care will follow you while you travel around Canada, there are areas it might not cover, which could end up costing you out of pocket. Worse yet, those places where your government plan won’t suffice are highly expensive and can set you back economically.

Sometimes provincial plans won't cover things like emergency air transportation, x-rays, prescription drugs, and other issues like emergency dental care if you are out of province. In some instances, that can add up to thousands of dollars that you didn’t plan on spending. If you are under 60, you can buy travel insurance for anywhere between $30 to $50 for two weeks to cover all those gaps that can get you into trouble. Just $30-50 will pay for coverage that is anywhere between $5-10 million dollars in medical care costs.

If you aren’t on government health care, then be aware of your employer health care coverage; if you are covered through a credit card, you will want to read the fine print. There are times when exceptions exist, or there are gaps in coverage when you are away, that will end up being an out-of-pocket expense. If you are covered by an employer health care plan, it is best to call the human resources representative before you head out, to see if there are any risks that you are unwittingly taking.

The same applies to credit card health insurance coverage. It is always best to call instead of assuming that you know what your policy will or will not cover.

If you do decide to purchase travel insurance, you should be just as cautious about the stipulations that they provide. Reading through the exceptions is imperative to be sure that you are as fully covered as possible. There are times when travel insurance will deny health claims that are related to pre-existing conditions. If you know that you have a medical condition that could cause trouble while you are away, that is definitely something you should investigate.

Although it’s not something that many women think about, pregnancy is considered a pre-existing condition. Even if you read through the exceptions and don’t see any specific exclusions related to pregnancy, make sure to check the pre-existing page to make sure that it isn’t lumped there. That could really spell potential danger to someone who is traveling with baby on board.

If you are vacationing this summer but staying within Canada, don’t make the assumption that you will be covered if you have a medical catastrophe. It is always better to be certain than to assume you know what the rules are. If you are going to take out travel insurance, make sure that you read all the fine print and are taking out the right policy. It would be a real pain to take out the additional insurance, only to find that it won't cover you after all.

Image license: Nick Youngson, "Travel Insurance" CC BY-S.A. 3.0

Friday, June 23, 2017

Benefits of using dedicated server hosting for your business

benefints of using dedicated server hosting

By Tom Miller of Inxy.Hosting

First of all, let’s discuss what a dedicated server is? Why you need one? And what is the difference between a dedicated and a shared hosting server?

A dedicated hosting server is required when your business over the internet has grown substantially, there is a lot of traffic ob your website, and now you need you increase it further for that you need a dedicated server, but what is a dedicated server? To simply say, it is a type of internet hosting that the client rents from the dedicated server provider and have exclusive control over the server’s resources that includes control, exclusivity of server resources, reliability & performance, better security, power, and front-end excellence.

Why do you need a dedicated server? Lets says that you own an online store and you’ve invested much in this business, time and money both, and now your online store is among the leading e-stores in the country, but you don’t want to stop there. You want to push your business forward until your e-store is No.1 in your country but for that you need a secure web address, flexibility of hardware and exclusivity of resources that is complete control over the usage of bandwidth, programs and scripts of your choice, etc. All this is necessary if you want your business to grow.

Now, what is the difference between a dedicated and a shared hosting service, let's say you’re new in the online business, with little experience in this market. Hence the shared server hosting is best for you, as your business is small, with little investment, therefore, a shared hosting server is cheap to get, but it has its limitations as well, the limitations may include shared disk space, CPU time and memory. You will be sharing all these resources with other people on that server as well.

To simply explain the difference between a shared and dedicated server hosting is like when you rent an apartment (Shared server). You have to share it with people living in it. Thus all the resources of that apartment, like electricity, water, parking, etc. are being shared by all the residents but when you own a house all by yourself (Dedicated server) then the house as well all its resources are solely yours. The power, the control, you set the rules of your house and manage it accordingly. The analogy of housing is perfect in the sense that it explains the difference between a dedicated and a shared server. We in the beginning often rent small apartments and then, later on, go purchasing our own individual house. The server hosting is very similar, in the beginning, it is the perfect solution for people who are starting small, with micro businesses. Eventually, their business grows creating the need for more power, control, functionality, and customization that a dedicated server hosting can provide you with.

dedicated servers

Benefits of Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server comes along with many advantages which are crucial for your growing business; almost every dedicated server has these benefits which I have mentioned below.

1.       Flexibility.

The best thing about a dedicated server hosting is the flexibility that it offers, there are almost infinite ways regarding how you can configure it. But for that, you need to have absolute technical knowledge in order to make your website run the way you want it to be. You can have an expert look into this, admittedly a small setback over the huge advantages of a dedicated server where you can run things according to your wish.

2.       Control.

The second best thing about a dedicated server hosting is that you have complete control over the entire server. You are literally taking the aspects of your online business in your own hands. The capacity of the performance of your website will be up to the maximum with no interference of anyone’s activity that can lower your progress rate, which is usually the case in shared server hosting, in dedicated server hosting you are the sole client of the entire server.

3.       Power

Let’s say that you’ve struck an oil well and your website is a huge success with massive traffic and thousands of visitor hits per day, or there can be another reason that your website is engaged in specialist online activities that can be app development. Therefore in order to manage all that you will require some serious processing power and that is only accessible through dedicated server hosting which has services such as their unlimited disk space and bandwidth.


4.       Support

Another advantage of dedicated server hosting is that they provide you with 24/7 technical support 365 days a year. You don’t need to invest in the infrastructure as the server provider will take care of that, they will place your server in data centers that are managed exclusively by themselves.

5.       Reliability

When you’re running a huge online business you need to take care of your clients and their needs; no client will sit and wait as your website pages slowly load, that will result in losing clients. If your pages load quickly and smoothly, your clients will frequently visit your website. A dedicated server is capable of handling high traffic and high-speed network connectivity at the same time, after all, they do justice for their price.

6.       Security

You can’t run a high-end online business at the risk of being hacked, but you don’t need to worry. A dedicated server offers you complete protection against viruses, malware, and hacks. This is the era of cyberspace where cyber crimes are committed. Therefore many people opt for dedicated server hosting services because of the security it provides.

7.       Front-End Excellence

If you choose a dedicated web server hosting, then without a doubt the visitors of your website will have the best possible experience, no matter if it's logging in or out, browsing or accessing information. Which is important if your website has a busy online store or an e-commerce dimension or anything that deals with large financial transactions.

The network of dedicated server hosting providers are spread throughout the world, and the biggest is Europe, which is only second to North America regarding network size. Europe dedicated servers provide high quality for a low price with a vast choice to be hosted in different countries which will cover major cities such as Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt.


Dedicated servers only have one drawback, that they are expensive to rent and have a hefty price but all in all the advantages of a dedicated server weigh much more than this one minor setback, besides the price for a dedicated server is justified by the solutions offered by it. If you’re only a small timer in the online business than shared server hosting will do the trick for you, but if you’re a giant in the field of e-commerce, and online business and marketing strategies then dedicated server is the only way for you to go.

Even today much large online companies are moving to the cloud and relying on shared inexpensive hosting options, but soon they will realize that they can not run their business on shared resources with low power and inadequate security. Then the dedicated server hosting will provide them with all the requirements they are searching for, as every growing business needs a robust infrastructure which dedicated servers can provide.
About the author: Content provided by Tom Miller, marketing manager of inxy.hosting